Here it is at last, the one you’ve been waiting for. This has to be my greatest triumph of a recovery yet. Sadly, like many before, it’s unique, a one off, never to be consumed again!

I simply used the recipe for Yorkshire Puddings and these puff balls emerged from the oven in all their glory, sufficed to say this was not quite one of the yummy extras I had planned for our Sunday Roast but before breaking the news to the family that Yorkshires were off the menu I had a brainwave, they looked like doughnuts, they smelled like doughnuts … so into a bag of sugar and cinnamon they went, still hot. A few shakes of the bag and hey-presto.

Yes, they did taste as good as they looked.

I’ll let you into a secret … I have a sneaky suspision that I may have reached for the self raising flour instead on this occasion as I didn’t have enough cornflour so thought I could top it up with Doves Farm instead … so maybe, I will be able to make these again, who knows?