Carb counting is as easy as the information on the back of packets, I find packed lunches the easiest;

2x Sandwiches (4 slices) with Tuna Mayo – 60g
Yogurt – 12g
Crisps – 12g
Apple – 20g
Cereal Bar – 22g

= 126g

Just for info, all of those carb values were off the top of my head, for anyone new to this please be encouraged and that you will be freakishly expert in blurting out carb values per 100g and per slice, packet, portion before you know it, it’s quite a party trick to wow friends and family with!

We don’t factor in the fibre, it’s not something we’re taught and our hospital don’t really promote it, plus is more maths and maths is my arch nemesis! You will have to listen to your health professionals and decide for yourself how you want to play it, remember, we’re over 7 years down the line and a 6th sense develops for these things – trust me, and don’t be hard on yourself in the meantime, you’re doing a fab job, how do I know? Because you’re reading this, which means you’re motivated to care for yourself or your child and doing your research and knowledge is power.

When it comes to gluten free, many meals need to be made from scratch and this made me quite fearful in the early days of preparing my own meals for Bethany and the family, let alone baking a cake and working out the carbs per portion size. My recipes in this blog thus far have been focusing on the GF factor, watch this space because I’ve decided to go back and add the carb values for portion sizes and the bake in total so that you can work out your own portion sizes (who am I to say there are 8 slices per cake when you may enjoy a yummy 1/5 or 1/3 at a time!)