It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’ll be honest it’s not due to a lack of wanting to, I am shattered mentally and physically after a whirlwind month of July.

Our long awaited holiday to Disney Orlando finally came after two years of planning, followed by a trip to see my super fantastic friend and family who all emigrated to Canada a year ago. Leaving her was harder than I could ever have imagined and as I write this now my heart aches. Then there was the jet lag, which I never in my wildest dreams imagined it would last this long, Bethany and Lewis are out of sorts, I can hear them scampering around upstairs now and its gone 10pm!

You know that saying ‘you need a holiday to recover from your holiday’ … it’s true! But, I have a plan, and it comes in the form of smoothies. We need a detox, a body wake up, an ice cold bath … well maybe not the bath. I’ve brought a neat little smoothie machine¬†and it works even better because there’s no washing up apart from the beaker when you’ve finished!

Not only am I hoping to rejuvenate and unleash the new improved full-of-energy-me, I’m also hoping that the kids will join in with Gluten Free healthy smoothies which are also super easy to carb count for Beth and deceptively filling (no more snacking I hope).

Okay, so mojo not yet restored and fatigue setting in now but hey, I’ve typed this haven’t I so the old fingers and little grey cells are still working.