When my two children were toddlers and still at home or part time playschool, we used to have pancake day EVERY TUESDAY! I distinctly remember the playstaff exclaiming with jealousy when I’d pick up Bethany before lunch on Tuesdays and announce to her ‘Pancake Day’. Now my two are both at school it’s a less frequent treat but over the holidays I try to get at least one gluten free pancake day in, the other day WAS that day! This recipe works every time;

250g/8oz GF plain flour
4 eggs
400ml/14floz milk (with another 100-200ml extra later)
2tbsp melted butter

Topping/Filling Ideas (we have these on the table every time)
Maple Syrup
Lemon Juice
Caster Sugar
Squirty Cream


  1. weigh out the flour into a large bowl and crack the eggs into the centre, whisk together like your life depended on it!
  2. The mixture will be very thick and ‘claggy’ at this point and probably get stuck in your whisk, have faith, start to add the milk but only a little at a time. when the mixture looks smooth it’s ok to add the rest of the milk;

  3. Once all the milk has been added, allow the mixture to rest, you need to do this with any GF batter mixture i.e Yorkshire’s to allow the flour to plump up. I normally give it 30mins at room temp.
  4. After 30mins you will need to add just enough milk to loosen the batter so that it can pour freely, start with 100ml and increase to 200ml if necessary.
  5. Heat the frying pan on a medium ring, these pancakes cook better on a lower heat for slightly longer, I use a tiny knob of butter in the pan each time.

  6. You know the pancake’s ready to turn when you get the little burst air bubbles on the top. This mixture made 9 pancakes.

Bolusing Bethany for pancakes is a nightmare because we each build our own design at the table, it’s one of those occasions where we let go of the reigns a bit and accept the need for a correction later! To give you an idea, each pancake in this recipe would be 25g Carb

This is how I make mine each time;

Best ever pancake!

Best ever pancake!