My goodness, when I said (to myself) that I’d do a monthly newsletter I didn’t realise how quickly each month would creep up on me and leave me startled…with not a word, let alone a sentence written for each new edition of Glutarama’s newsletter. Honestly, it’s not rocket science either. I simply thought it would be useful to send out a round up of each months bakes and links to the blogs and recipes. In other words, the hard work would already be done.

Thaaaat’s assuming I’ve done the baking, the blogging and the relevant social media pass-the-parcel. March’s newsletter comes with a disclaimer:

I was tired, I didn’t know what I was doing!

I wrote the newsletter across the witching hour and reading it back I’ve promised myself never again, it’s embarrassing; so many typo’s and silly mistakes and links that lead to nowhere! So now that I’ve sold it to you, why miss out on the opportunity to have my master piece sent to your inbox each month on no particular date or time, heck! just sign up and sit back and wait, and wait, and wait…..

I promise to do better next time. Honest.

And now for a little bit of unashamed begging!… I’m on Pinterest too don’t you know?
No, didn’t think you did! I have a diddy list of followers and would love that list to grow, I love looking through Pinterest when I have a spare moment (normally while I stand at the school gates at pick up time when you have nothing to do but wait) I would love to think people were pinning from my boards too.