That was a bit of a presumptuous title sorry! I appreciate that there are bakers of all levels having a go at baking gluten free, but if you can sieve and you can whisk egg whites, you can make this sponge.

I discovered this type of sponge when I made my first gluten free birthday cake for my husband, he loves Victoria Sponge (it’s his favourite…along with several others!) I decided to make a sponge and use fresh cream, jam and strawberries for the filling and we were all bowled over at how light and fluffy it was. This recipe uses a Genoise Sponge technique, which aims to incorporate as much air into the sponge as possible. As you can see from the images below, I’ve since used this recipe to make almost all of the family birthday cakes…Bob the Minion being my greatest creation to date!



Lewis’ 9th Birthday Cake Bob the Minion!

5 Nights at Freddies

Bethany’s 11th Birthday Cake 5 Nights at Freddies … whatever that is!



If you wish to make a chocolate sponge, I’d recommend using chocolate essence, if you don’t have this you can use cocoa powder but remember to exchange the exact amount of plain flour for cocoa…or else you’ll end up with a stepping stone for your garden!


Gluten Free Tiramisu

Gluten Free Trifle