8 years ago…

my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 3.5yrs – it was devastating at the time. Whizz forward 18mths and she was diagnosed with Coeliacs at 5yrs old – double whammy! I brought loads of books to ease my transition into the world of GF … guess what, I’ve sold them all since, you heard me, every single one of them! I use ‘normal’ recipes and adapt them.  More recently my little boy has been diagnosed with Anxiety. As you can see, we’re your average run of the mill family with a few dramas rolled into the mix.

The idea of a blog had been ping-ponging around my mind for some time. People kept telling me I should write a book or something similar, maybe something to illustrate the complexities of life with a Type 1 Coeliac child. I love to educate people about Beth’s medical conditions and I share these thoughts, wishes, trials and tribulations on this site with the very best of intentions. I take no pleasure in offending or upsetting anyone and trust me, no one is a bigger judge of me than ME. My ramblings are simply this; a reflective account of what’s been, what going on now and what the future might hold because after all, life is a drama!

So, I’m Rebecca and I’m a stay at home mum! I’m 39yrs old, married to my childhood sweetheart Brett whom I met at 15yrs old, and who’s turned the BIG 40! Gosh, I hope doesn’t read this! Brett is an absolute rock, his ability to allow things to bounce off him amazes me and he has supported me whole-heartedly, you see, I gave up a 15 year career working with young adults when I had a spate of …. lets call it anxiety. The fact was, I was spinning too many plates at once and during my time off work ill, I gradually came to realise that being a mum was my primary job, my children needed me to be 100% well in both mind and body and have the strength to guide them through each obstacle course.

Here we all are at my sisters wedding in 2013, a rare photo opportunity without me being behind the camera!

Here we all are at my sisters wedding in 2013, a rare photo opportunity without me being behind the camera!

Bethany is 11 years old and as mentioned, has Type 1 Diabetes (D 10.04.08) and Coeliacs Disease (D 18.08.2009) and also struggles with a condition called Pica, this is still undergoing a considerable amount of investigation so watch this space….she’s the most amazing girl whom despite all her medical woes, seems to shrug them off in a matter of fact, who give’s stuff kind of manner.

Lewis is 9 years old and the ying to Bethany’s yang. He’s my sensitive little chap who absorbs people’s woes and anxieties and acts out as a result. He was 18mths old when Beth was diagnosed and had a week stay in hospital. It’s quite symbolic that he has a PFO, a hole in the heart, it’s not significant enough to require medical intervention but this seems to describe Lewis’ whole being, he is a child with a hole inside him, sometimes you can feel the angst in him, it’s tangible. Lewis’ issues are not medical, they’re mental and this too is an invisible condition like Beth’s,  in fact both children have conditions that often leaves me feeling an extreme lack of control, and control something I feel I must have in order to cope!

This site and my blog began as part of my self therapy, I was exhausted spinning all those plates. With the strong urge to regain some control within this drama I decided that my fingers could help to alleviate some of that negative energy, even as I type now, beating down on the keyboard, I can feel an element of calm wash over me, and that can’t be a bad thing can it?

We’re called Glutarama because the gluten free baking is actually the happy ending to each drama, whilst some may be pulling their hair out over perfecting the worlds best gluten free Victoria Sponge, I simply love to bake, like beating down on this keyboard I love to beat an egg, cream butter and sugar, pound bread… who needs electronic gadgets and gizmos to do all the hard work when you’ve got plate spinning energy in your arms! And whilst that may sound selfish, that the baking is MY release and MY therapy, who can argue with the heart lifting scenes of children licking the spoons and bowls and eating the biscuits, cakes and other such goodies before they’ve barely cooled down!

So, if you’re interested, come follow me and my family in the challenges and toils of Type 1 Diabetes, Childhood Anxiety and Coeliacs Disease. Marvel at my my baking successes (I do!) and laugh with me at my recovered cooking disasters because you too could turn a failed Yorkshire Pudding into a scrummy Cinnamon Doughnut! GF can be and should be Great Fun!


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