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Gluten Free in Florida (Disney)

This is an old blog post from an earlier website version but as people may be starting to weigh up getting a new car versus, having those home improvements versus a holiday of a life time…then this may help them to decide! This was July 2015 so disclaimer: things may have changed….but I’ll bet it’s for the better! I’d researched, documented, researched some more and sought advice of fellow parents of children with Coeliac’s on social media. To clarify we were not staying on resort but just outside Kissimmee in a self catering villa. We were pleasantly surprised across...

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Prune & Apricot Slice (gluten, dairy, egg free)

The sugar cravings kicked in again this week, not sure if it’s the poopy weather and my body telling me to bulk up and hibernate or the lack of sleep I’m getting ergo, complete sugar crash by the afternoon? Either way, I needed to make a sweet treat, but not too icky sweet and bad for you! Enter my Prune and Apricot slices. I’ve made something very similar in the past but this time I wanted a treat with a difference, a multi-layered treat perhaps (oh, I reckon I can rustle one up!)…There had been a packed of dried...

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Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes #FreeFromPancakes

I’m in a gang! Me! Oh it’s not a gang that hangs about on corners looking shifty (for the record these are more commonly known as teenagers and are 9 times out of 10 just being teenagers, nothing dodgy at all!) I digress, the gang I’m in have the same goal in common; we all blog about free from foods. When you get a moment, pop on over to their sites, we make up quite a diverse bunch, we cover allergies, dairy free, vegan, gluten free, eczma, asthma, autism spectrum, anxiety and being a parent in general.  [links to...

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Unbelievably ‘real’ Pancakes, Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free!

Our family really love pancakes…I mean REALLY love pancakes. We’ve made it a bit of a tradition to have pancakes on New Year Day, and of course we have the obligatory stack of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday too. In fact, when the kiddies were in pre-school I used to drop them off on Tuesdays with a reminder ‘don’t forget, it’s pancake day’! the staff used to groan with jealousy at the mention of it…to us, at that time, EVERY Tuesday was pancake day. Lewis has a limited interest in food however, you pop a plate of pancakes in front...

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Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

I spent the last few days craving biscuits so decided to make my own…unfortunately all the biscuits in my new recipe book Back to Biscuits have egg in them and as I’m still steering clear of that I needed to find a vegan alternative, of course I could have experimented with my own recipes but you have to be in an experimental mood, and I wasn’t! Therefore I googled vegan cookies and came up with peanut butter cookies. None of the recipes I found catered for me exactly some were very extravagant with millions (I exaggerate) of ingredients, others...

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