I do love a good pudding me and gluten free puddings are even better these days. Those of you who follow our little adventures will know that Bethany, my 14 year old daughter is a Coeliac, to make things even more challenging I am intolerant to dairy and egg among a few other things.

This round up of delicious gluten free puddings and desserts has been written in time for Valentine’s Day so if you plan to cook up a treat for your loved one on February the 14th then here’s ten mouth-watering ideas to end the meal. I use gluten free puddings and desserts in the loosest sense of the word, some of these may not tick your box as a pudding or a dessert but I’m the one writing this and I’d be thrilled to have one of these presented me after dinner (must remember to leave this post open on my laptop for a certain someone to see!)

Actually, why should Valentine’s Day just be about you and your partner, if you’re a family unit then why not share the love. In this house there’s always enough pudding to go around! In fact, sometimes there’s too much and I end up dropping some off at my sisters, true story that, did it today in fact!

Enough waffling Rebecca, get on with the gluten free puddings and desserts.

Okay, here we go. I’m going to start with;

Chocolate Meringue Nests by Charlottes Lively Kitchen

How lovely are these to behold. I’ll admit to only making meringues a couple of times but never flavoured meringues. I imagine these would be the perfect ending to a romantic meal for two (or four or five if the kids are eating too!) Not too heavy on the tummy and hey, there’s at least two of your five-a-day in there too!

Gluten Free Puddings

image courtesy of Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen

Vegan No Bake Blackberry Cheesecake by The Healthy Tart

I was immediately drawn to this gluten free pudding (yes, I said pudding, what of it…all ‘afters’ are puddings in my mind!) Where was I? Oh yes, I was drawn to this Cheesecake because of the colour, how could you not give it a double take. Not only is it vegan but it’s also gluten free too.

Gluten Free Puddings

image courtesy of The Healthy Tart

Gluten Free Salted Chocolate Tart by little old me

This is a death by chocolate kind of gluten free pudding, dessert, whatever. I’ll admit to having eaten this before I had to cut out dairy and the thinnest of slices was almost too much for me to handle before getting the chocolate sweats and happy hormone overload. If you’re a chocoholic and up for a challenge, this has got your back.

Gluten Free Puddings

Rice Pudding by The Intolerant Gourmand

Oh look, an actual official pudding. Okay now this is a naturally gluten free pudding and one of my all-time favourites, you can’t beat a creamy traditional rice pudding and my mum makes the very best there is, I reckon Nathalie could give mum a run for her money though given the fact that this is dairy free too.

Gluten Free Puddings

images courtesy of Intolerant Gourmand

Vegan Chocolate Coconut Balls by Free From Farmhouse

Not a gluten free pudding Rebecca! Yes, I know, I know but look at those little beauties. I make my own Brandy Chocolate Truffles but they’re a Christmas tradition so I’m reluctant to make them any other time of the year. I think that these balls could fill that gap and as we’re talking Valentine’s Day, who wouldn’t love to dip into these after dinner with a strong hot cup of coffee.

Gluten Free Puddings

image courtesy of Splendor

Vegan Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pots by Free From Fairy

Vicki made these with Mother’s Day in mind (it’s 31.03.19 this year in case you didn’t know) but there’s absolutely nothing to stop you making these for your Valentine too. There’s something extra special about an individual gluten free pudding in its own little pot don’t you think?

Gluten Free Puddings

image courtesy of Free From Fairy

Chocolate-Mint ‘After Eight’ Ice Cream Cake Sandwiches by Gluten Free Alchemist
Kate admits to this recipe being a bit of a masterclass but at the same time is it totally worth the effort. I can’t remember the last time I have an ice cream sandwich, let’s just say it’s been years but I would be thrilled if someone had gone to the effort of making me this for a special occasion.

Gluten Free Puddings

image courtesy of Gluten Free Alchemist

Sticky Toffee and Date Pudding by me again

Yes, this is definitely a gluten free pudding and boy oh boy is it a delicious one at that. It’s also made vegan too but the recipe has both vegan and non-vegan instructions.

Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding

Decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake by Le Coin de Mel

This gluten free cake is far too moist and gorgeous to enjoy on its own with a cup of tea, oh no, this lends itself to being upgraded to a gluten free pudding and I love that fact that Mel has suggested serving it with ice cream here.

Gluten Free Puddings

images courtesy of Le Coin de Mel

Vanilla Buttermilk Pancake by Gluten Free Alchemist

I wanted to end on this recipe and shake things up a bit; this would work absolutely fine as a gluten free pudding but wait one second. How about a thoughtful and romantic breakfast in bed for the one you love. This has happened to me on two occasions, both times Bethany and Lewis brought up a tray with a cup of tea and either a plate of toast or a bowl of cornflakes, my heart burst with love for them. I reckon it would explode if I got this for breakfast!

Gluten Free Puddings

image courtesy of Gluten Free Alchemist


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