Odd title that; Pencil Gate, I’m pretty unfazed by things these days. Very little seems  to surprise me now, am I numb to it or used to it…is there a difference? I managed to potter in the garden this afternoon for an hour. How wonderful, you lucky so-and-so I hear you say? It was in the name of therapy. I needed fresh air, to clear my head;

Took Bethany to the doctors this morning, she’s still having issues with her Pica, her bedroom walls are diminishing at an alarming rate. There’s been a further development and not wishing to embarrass my little 10yrs old, lets just say that all evidence points to the fact that somethings not right with her digestion and absorption of foods. Bethany tells me this has been the case for some time now … my spidysense is tingling!

Our GP is amazing, she’s got a can do, will do attitude and after bringing her up to speed with Bethany’s symptoms she said an urgent referral to the Paediatric Gastroenterologist was necessary. The doctors concern is for Beth’s pancreas and liver, both possible culprits for malabsorption and the symptoms that Bethany’s currently displaying.

Beth’s been struggling with various symptoms since the age of 5, these could normally be attributed to being contaminated with gluten, iron deficiency anaemia or secondary lactose intolerance. Now her antibodies are negative (she’s not been glutened!) and her iron levels are the best they’ve ever been. So why the Pica and malabsorption symptoms? Answers on a postcard please.

That was all before 8:30am this morning, by 11:30 I’d had a call from Lewis’ school, can I speak to him, either over the phone or come in? I could hear a commotion in the background, it sounded like a team of workers making alterations to the school, it was in fact Lewis throwing chairs across the hall … he didn’t want to get out of his PE kit, it felt comfortable. I was 30mins away from the school and that car journey was the second longest car journey I’ve ever had to make (I’ll tell you about the first another time). By the time I got there Lewis had been pacified by my sister who, as luck would have it, works in the same school. I got him dressed into some school shorts that I’d grabbed en route and we sat together in the Heads office whilst Lewis ate his school dinner. After lunch, a chat and and some light banter I was relatively confident that Lewis was ready to face the afternoon; I was wrong.

It became clear that Lewis was not settled, would not follow instructions and was not in a happy place therefore to stay in school for the rest of the afternoon was no longer an option. Would you believe me if I told you his change of heart was over a disagreement with the teacher in charge involving a PENCIL!

It’s my pencil, and if I can’t take it back to class with me I don’t want to go.

It’s not your pencil Lewis, it belongs to the Headteacher and you took it out of the pencil pot.

It’s my pencil, I found it on the green a month ago and used it to do some writing while I was in this office.

Put the pencil back Lewis and you can discuss this with the Head when they come back

That’s what you said yesterday, I remember, you told me to put it back and we’d discuss it tomorrow.

There was no possible way we could bargain with him, he was adamant that it had to happen his way or no way at all. He needed to be argumentative, he needed to be calling the shots, he wanted the last word. Control, control, control.

Lewis has been excluded until Monday over a pencil! I jest, it’s not because of the pencil, there may as well be no pencil, the pencil was the breakout plan.