I keep watching this YouTube video and laughing … why am I whispering? I’m the only one at home for goodness sakes! Love my comfort blanket in the form of a hot cup of tea too, oh well, I’ve done it now, it can only get better can’t it. I’ll try to keep my ‘umms’ to a minimum in future!

Rebecca Smith - Glutarama: Intolerance and me

I really want to make more of these, just sat in front of the camera and talking…this was nearly 2 years ago, in my defence I was in a terrible mental place at the time hahah, what am I saying, I’m not much better now, I’ve just learnt to laugh about it (as the effects of anxiety resemble rigamortis in my muscles!) …I’ve gotten better at YouTube promise! I’d love to know what you’d like to hear me talk about please leave a comment below…topics for YouTube videos I’m considering are;

Coeliac Disease Diagnosis Story

Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Story

What’s life like with both Type 1 & Coeliac Disease

Autism – any aspect…it’s a huge topic!

Food Intolerances

….any other subjects that I touch on that you’d be keen to find out more?

For posts on the above you can find these to read in the meantime Coeliac Disease and us; diagnosis onwards Type 1 Diabetes and us: diagnosis story

More recent YouTube video’s that I have done are;

Glutarama Youtube video; hot cross butter pudding

Hot Cross Bread & Butter Pudding

Glutarama Youtube video; before the extension

Getting ready for the extension (meant to be a series but I ended up rocking in a corner of the house for the duration of the build!)

Glutarama Youtube video; apple & cinnamon pancakes

Free From Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes part of our #FreeFromPancakes series