I am so pleased to be able to write this blog entry. At last I’ve made gluten free egg pasta, and although there’s room for improvement (there’s always a bit of room for improvement) We still loved this fresh gluten free Tagliatelli. There’s a funny story behind the pasta machine, indulge me for a moment!

My sister and I go to the local huge shopping centre, once, maybe twice a year if we’re lucky. We don’t actually like shopping or crowds, or shopping centres but we do like a well earned break from the kiddies and multiple stops in coffee shops/restaurants to break up the chore of shopping! In November it was my duty to choose my Christmas present from my sister, she took me to Lakeland and said, pick what you want! Whilst that could’ve gone horribly wrong in terms of her bank account, I knew what I wanted straight away, a pasta making machine. The present was brought, I was thrilled, my sister was happy and that was that….

Come Christmas, amidst the unwrapping frenzy at my mum and dads, I am handed a large heavy square box, it’s label states is from my sister, her husband and my two nephews. ‘What could it be?’ I wondered, ‘It’s really heavy!’ … yes! I’d completely forgotten that I was there when said present was actually purchased, so I was thrilled all over again, much to the amusement of the family … getting old? I think so!


The picture above is a feeble attempt at showing you my machine, in all honesty, Lewis and I got so excited and carried away yesterday making the pasta that I completely forgot to take any photo’s. Worry ye not, I will be sure to take photo’s or even video next time to show you the technique if you’ve not done this before. I’m already getting excited about different types of dough now and different natural colours and flavouring so watch this space.

Anyway, for now, here’s my recipe for gluten free egg pasta, enjoy;

Gluten Free Fresh Egg Pasta
Fresh Gluten Free Egg Pasta

Don;t be shy, this is really very simple, you just need to show the dough who's boss!

  • 300 g strong gluten free flour (plain flour does work too)
  • 5 medium eggs
  • 1.5 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp xanthan gum
  1. Add all the ingredients to a mixer (you can do this on a worktop but, the dough is very soft and warm hands will make it sticky)GF Pasta ingredients
  2. Blend with a dough hook until all the ingredients are incorporated.
  3. Remember, no two eggs are exactly the same in size so flour may vary, to this mixture I added 2 tbsp (20g) of extra flour to get the dough to a decent consistency, press down into the dough with your finger, if you finger comes back clean it's good to go
  4. Transfer the dough onto a floured surface and roll into a ball.Gluten Free Pasta Dough
  5. Wrap the dough in clingfilm and leave in the fridge for at least 30 mins (I left mine whilst I did the school pick up so about 40-50 mins)
  6. When ready to go, set up your pasta machine, flour the work surface ready, have a tray or drying rack on standby, grab your rolling pin ... and off we go!
  7. Cut the dough into 4 pieces, wrap the remaining three pieces back in the cling film to prevent drying out (no need to pop it back in fridge)
  8. Roll out the first quarter of dough to about 5-8mm thick, slowly pass the dough through the pasta machine on Number 1 (the widest setting).
  9. Don't worry if the edges of the pasta sheets fray, you can cut these off later to get 100% perfect strips (in all honesty we didn't bother and I don't think you can tell?)
  10. Keep passing the dough through the machine until you get to your desired thickness, our pasta was finished on Number 5, you will probably have to cut the pasta sheet in half before you get to setting 5, unless your hoping to achieve very long strips of pasta.
  11. We don't have a drying rack (yet) so after each sheet of pasta was passed through the cutters I dusted the bundle of strips with rice flour and added to the tray.
  12. Continue with the three remaining pieces of dough.
  13. This will make four respectable sized portions.
  14. Use the largest saucepan you have and fill halfway with water, add salt to taste.
  15. Bring the water to the boil and add the pasta gently, boil for 2-3 mins, (there will be lots of white bubbly froth - don't worry!) drain and rinse.
  16. The pasta shouldn't stick, even once drained so no need for olive oil.
  17. Gluten Free Tagliatelli

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