I won a competition run by Doves Farm last month, I was super chuffed to hear I’d won a hamper stuffed with gluten free goodies, plus a recipe book and a dough scraper. It felt like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one!

Doves Farm gluten free flours are my go-to flour of choice when baking, we are so very lucky to have this product here in the UK and I feel desperately sorry for those overseas who don’t have this key ingredient at their disposal. I know this from indirect experience as my friend who emigrated to Canada pines after Doves Farm all the time, in fact, her baking mojo has all but vanished following failed bake after failed bake with local flour brands. The fact is, that once you’ve tasted bakes made with an excellent gluten free flour, your disheartened when you have to revert back to less successful blends.

You may recall that my friend came back over the summer and the very first thing on her to-do-list was to accompany me to the London Free From and Allergy Shown. We zoned in on the Doves Farm stand and Katharine borderline pleaded with one of the representatives there for the flour to be shipped to Canada. As always the issues are export/import taxes and profit margin which I totally understand but fingers crossed Doves Farm see a way to make this possible because they have at the very least one customer who’ll be faithful to them! (note to self, never try to be a business woman!)

Well, I did tell the lovely lady who contacted me to say I’d won that I’d get baking immediately and let them see the fruits of my labour, and what perfect timing for the birthdays of my two. Lewis was 10 at the end of Sept and Bethany turned 12 today! Her Birthday cake was made a wee bit early as we had family over this weekend hence the cut cake photos already…we did not have cake for breakfast this morning!

Bethany had my first attempt at a half naked cake, and Lewis is a mega fan of Youtube and in particular a gamer called Jack Septic Eye so naturally he had to have a Jack Septic Eye cake, sadly I forgot to take a cut cake photo so you’ll have to imagine a double green sponge with vanilla cream and plum jam! If you want to know the recipe I used click here

So thank you Doves Farm for your contribution to my children’s 2016 birthday cakes!