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Actually, scrap that! Breakfast, lunch and tea just got better! Glutafin approached me and asked me if I’d be interested in receiving some free goodies in return for an honest review…well, who am I to turn down free grub! The truth of the matter is that this all took place back in October and I received all the goodies by the first week in November, or as I affectionately like to now call NOV ‘Oh my God I wish I’d never started this bloody extension, we’re never going to be ready for Christmas’ EMBER!

In fact the food parcel was perfect given the fact that we had no kitchen and were living off toast, sandwiches and bowls of cereal…long gone were all the frozen batch meals I’d made in advance. We received Glutafin’s NEW Fresh Seeded Loaf IMPROVED Fresh Brown Loaf, and their DELICIOUS Fibre Flakes (there’s a clue in that title as to my thoughts on flavour). Normally I have photos that I can share with you, images of my creations, adaptations, I’m pretty good at making a sarnie look the bees knees. This is the one occasion when you will get no such thing, my photography mojo was flat as a pancake and nobody wants to see a sandwich or buttered toast presented on a plate amid rubble and building materials – nobody!

Unbeknown to Glutafin, they were actually going to see their products put through the most grilling of paces. Storage for our food was in a large plastic container in the garage along with our fridge, microwave and toaster, the garage was now joined to the house via part of the extension but nonetheless, it was the garage! Anyone who has lived through an extension will know of the tropical levels of moisture in the air following flooring and plastering, these poor unsuspecting items of food were subjected to all these conditions yet against all odds they did brilliantly. 

Glutafin Fresh Seeded Loaf

I’ll be honest (I said I would) and say this was not Bethany’s favourite. She said she didn’t like the seeds getting stuck in her teeth – fair comment. I’d made her her favourite sandwich, cheese, lettuce and salad cream….once I’d actually located the salad cream which had fallen behind the unplugged, unplumbed washing machine. I had mine toasted with a cuppa soup and both toasted and fresh the bread was lovely.

Glutafin Fibre Flakes

Glutafin Fibre Flakes

Is it just me or is there a milk jug defying gravity in this photo?

I’m pretty chuffed that we got these actually, Beth’s diet can be quite self-limiting at times. I tell her that she of all people cannot afford to limit herself yet she still insists on being picky. As her breakfasts had become something reminiscent of Groundhog Day, it was actually perfect timing to introduce something different. She loved it! AND she had it without sugar, there’s no need (it’s already added) these flakes are delicious on their own…I had mine with almond milk. They only lasted three days but given the moisture levels in the air and my daughters inability to fold down packets and seal boxes, these didn’t go soft so you can tick that off your list of environmental factors Glutafin!

Glutafin Fresh Brown Loaf

I’ve saved the best for last! I loved, no, really loved this bread. Two reasons; it tasted gorgeous. A kind of malted flavour, super spongy and great for sandwiches and toast, especially slathered with thick cut marmalade!  The second reason? It stayed fresh for ages, I mean over a week! I kept it in the plastic wrapping with just a slit for access but one thing lead to another and I forgot we had it, then a week later I rediscovered it…not behind the washing machine this time, it had fallen into a stack of unrealistically prematurely purchased paint tubs for decorating said extension! My first thoughts ‘Oh bugger’! ‘I really liked that too‘ then I realised that the bread was still soft and absolutely fine to eat so I scoffed at the paint tubs that were taunting me, then scoffed four rounds of toast to make up for it! Sadly Beth didn’t want to try the brown bread, such a shame I’m sure she would have loved it, hey-ho, more for me!

I was not paid to write this post, my thoughts are my own (and Bethany’s). I promised to write an honest review in return for the food freebies…had Glutafin realised I was going to test them like Bear Grylls in uninhabitable terrain and extreme conditions they may have changed their minds, all’s well that ends well though!