I have a confession to make, we actually visited Eric’s Fish & Chips over the August Bank Holiday…you may be able to tell by the beautiful blue skies and lush green foliage. I won’t keep going on about it but if you follow my blog posts you’ll have got the gist that things have been somewhat tumultuous since the children went back to school, or rather, the children both started their new schools. 

We’ve been popping to Hunstanton for 12 years now, in fact, I was 4mths pregnant with Bethany for our first visit and we’ve not missed a year since when we’ve tried to get there for a a day or two or even just for the day! On this occasion I decided to try something new and I’d recently seen Helen Smyth of Fabulously Free From mention Eric’s Fish & Chips in a tweet. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss and so we decided as a family that a trip would go down very well indeed, after all, fish doesn’t get fresher than this! The restaurant was contemporary and quirky and I loved the toilets, very unique! 


The children found a table whilst I went up and spoke to the staff behind the counter, their knowledge of gluten free was reassuring and they couldn’t have been more helpful. As I am avoiding potato like the plague at the moment I opted to have my battered fish with a side salad, as the weather was so gorgeous Bethany felt that a chip lunch would be too much to stomach and so she opted to have the same, in fact, this is how we’ve eaten our battered fish since. The service was excellent and the staff so friendly and attentive, they obviously enjoy working there as the smiles said it all. For the record, Brett and Lewis woofed their chips down and gave the thumbs up so I am reliably informed that they too were delicious.


Along with the baby gem salad Bethany and I had the creamiest tartar sauce I’ve ever tasted, clearly freshly made, [sigh] I’m seriously craving this again right now, oh well, not long before our next annual trip. We’ll be seeing you again soon Eric’s. Thank you.