I loved Double Deckers, they were my go-to guilty treat when I was having a down day, since going dairy free I’ve missed them; not anymore, I’ve made my own! That’s right you heard me, made my own gluten and dairy free Double Deckers!

Now if I’m totally honest with you I could tweak this recipe to make it even better, I think that by adding gluten free puffed rise to the granola, you’ll get an even more authentic crunch to the base, give it a go and let me know below if my suspicions are correct…and of course with any of my recipes, if you bake your own, I’d love to see the photos…maybe I can start a Tony Hart Gallery of readers bakes…showing my age there, if you don’t know who Tony Hart is Google it! Check out Morph while you’re at it…I digress (as usual!)

These are a wee bit fiddly to make, I won’t lie but my goodness you’ll be so glad you gave it a go. For those eagle-eyed people out there you’ll notive I took my final photos as the sun set…hence the heavenly inviting glow…note to self…take selfies in sunset light only!!!

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Gluten & Dairy Free Double Deckers

Oh how I've missed Double Deckers since going dairy free, I knew I had to make them myself one day and I'm pretty dram impressed with the end result, even if I do say so myself!

Servings: 5 Bars
To make the base
  • 1 bag Delicious Alchemy Nutty Granola alternatively use 300g of another gluten free granola
  • 150 g dairy free 'milk' chocolate I used Tesco's freefrom in all cases
To make the nougat
  • 200 g marshmallows
  • 50 g dairy free 'milk' chocolate
To coat the chocolate bar
  • 150 g dairy free 'milk' chocolate
  1. Pick out any excessively large nutty bits and nibble...enjoy!

  2. In a large bowl empty the granola and bash with the end of a rolling pin - not too much, we don't want granola dust!

  3. In a smaller bowl  melt the 150g of freefrom chocolate and pour over the granola, mix to combine.

  4. In another bowl add the marshmallows and 50g of freefrom chocolate and melt this in the microwave for 1min or under depending on the wattage.

  5. Pour the chocolatey marshmallow mixture into a small baking tin greased and lined with baking paper. I use the tiny ones you can get from Sainsbury's that measure approx 13x19cm. Pop this in the fridge.

  6. Meanwhile pour the chocolatey granola mix into a second identical sized tin (these do come in packs of two) that's been greased and lined with baking paper, smooth the granola mix down and make cuts to determine the size of your 5 Double Deckers (this makes cutting them when set so much easier). Pop this tray into the fridge to set.

  7. Once fully set remove both trays, cut the granola bars into 5 using the indentation you've already made.

  8. Cut equal size bars into the nougat and place a strip of nougat on top of each granola bar. Pop back in the fridge.

  9. Melt the remaining freefrom chocolate and remove the bars from the fridge. This bit gets messy, dip each end of the bar into the chocolate in a stirring motion, then roll the bar in the chocolate to coat each long side.

  10. Once all bars are fully coated return to the fridge to set...lick bowl of chocolate! Congratulations! you made it in one piece and now you can sit back and...in Bethany's case...enjoy your first ever Double Decker!


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