Are you getting excited for the Allergy & Free From Show this weekend? It promises to be yet another huge success with oodles of free from brands showcasing their wares, one such brand that I’m super excited about is a2 Milk™.

Not got tickets yet? Don’t worry;

Click the link here for free tickets to the Allergy & Free From Show with a2 Milk

The science bit: So what is a2 Milk™?

a2 Milk™ is a 100% real fresh cows’ milk that’s naturally easier to digest – nothing added, nothing taken away. They select cows which naturally produce milk containing only the A2 protein, so that a2 Milk™ is free from the A1 protein that can trigger symptoms often associated with milk intolerance.

Originally all cows’ milk contained only the A2 protein and no A1, however over time and due to modern farming methods, the A1 protein evolved meaning most regular milk is a mixture of A1 and A2.

a2 Milk™ is sponsoring the Free From Café at this year’s Allergy & Free From Show and will be there promoting the ‘a2stonishing milk’ campaign. Come on down and grab a coffee or tea made with easy to digest a2 Milk™ in their special ‘enjoy a cuppa without feeling pants’ cups. a2 Milk™ will be giving out samples, holding prize giveaways, and their nutrition manager Rick Miller will also be giving a talk about lactose intolerance, IBS and a2 Milk™ on the Sunday at the Learning Centre.

Plus I’ll be there too wearing my deeley boppers (unless I slip into Clark Kent mode and remove them)

Check out for more information.

Disclaimer: a2 Milk™ is not suitable for cows’ milk protein allergy. If you have been diagnosed with any milk intolerance, seek advice from your doctor prior to use.

The fun bit: What does it taste like?…

…and did my tummy like it?

To ensure I could test the milk fairly, I stuck rigidly to my exclusive diet and steered clear of some foods I’ve not been identified as being intolerant too, but am pretty sure they don’t like me! I also thought that a bowl of cereal first thing in the morning with lashings of cold a2 Milk™ would also eliminate any suspect symptoms.

It was lovely to have real creamy cows’ milk on my cereal. I’m used to soya or nut milks these days. I actually had to ask my husband Brett to tell me if it tasted like milk. He thought I was being daft and said ‘of course it tastes like milk’…that told me! I also snuck some into my son’s cereal and I’m actually going to keep giving him the milk for the week and keep a close eye on any changes. Lewis is not supposed to have dairy among a couple of other things but restricting his diet has proven…stressful. His sensory processing disorder means that swapping familiar foods to him is like trying to feed Superman kryptonite! My theory is every little can help, right?

How about me? Well the bad news is that I still experienced some of the symptoms I used to get with regular cows’ milk. Thus, I think I might be one of the unlucky few with a genuine intolerance to lactose.

However, I know for a fact that a2 Milk™ has worked for many people, so I wanted to leave you with an example of where a2 Milk™ has rocked someone’s world.

A dear friend of mine, Nathalie, you may know her as Intolerant Gourmand, suffers with IBS. She took part in a 4 week challenge with a2 Milk™ and her results were astonishing;

Week 1 was a revelation, it truly made a difference, as you can find out here.
Week 2 continued to provide me with a marked improvement!
So, now I’m on to week 3.
Guess what, I’ve still got improved symptoms – if anything, they’ve improved even more!
I can now say, categorically, there is truth in what a2 Milk™ claims. It DOES make a difference to those who struggle to digest ‘normal’ milk, and it DOES make a difference to the symptoms I’ve experienced for a number of years.

Giveaway Time!

The guys at a2 Milk™ have given you the chance to win a free preview of ‘The Low Fad Diet’ a book by leading dietitian Jo Travers, simply follow the entry instructions below, the more ‘boxes you tick’ the more entries you get. The winner will be chosen at random and will be sent the link to the eBook once they’ve replied to my email congratulating them; good luck!

Win an eBook ‘The Low Fad Diet’ by leading dietitian Jo Travers with a2 Milk™

Disclaimer; this is a paid post but my thoughts are my own, honesty is paramount (clearly) and I would have it no other way.