And now for something completely different! Ever fancied a go at blogging for yourself? Run your own business and want to generate and maintain a loyal client base? Well this may be for you.

I’ve teamed up with some awesome bloggers to create a tailored one day event to answer any burning questions you may have about starting up your own blog; how to write, what to write! How to take eye-catching beautiful photos. How to begin to master social media and kick arse in self promotion! Finally, how to approach brands and make a bit of money out of what you love doing. Plus it’s all happening at a beautiful location in the centre of Bedford Park.

If you’re the owner of an online store, local shop, cafe, you sell cakes, work in crafts; a blog could be your ticket to a booming client base, ensuring loyal customers return again and again. Not sure? There are many examples as to why a blog would benefit your business, one excellent example is 5 Ways a Blog Can Help Your Business, and guess what? It’s actually great fun to run a blog too. After all, you’d be writing about what you love; your business, the products you sell, but better still you can be you and THAT’S what your customers will value, someone who open’s the doors, welcomes people in to their world and are passionate about what they do.

Still need convincing? I can’t imagine why, but let me introduce you to Lucy. Lucy owns the online shop Capture by Lucy, her photography backdrops are the best I’ve seen on the market and every blogger needs to own at least one of her beautiful backdrops. In addition to her online shop Lucy writes her blog that in turn gives her readers and customers a 3D view of Lucy’s life, work and business;

Two years ago I moved to a rural village in the South West of England with my husband and our two sons, Sammy 8 and Ollie 5. I am proud to write this multi-award-winning blog – a curated collection of stories of life from our forever home, places and people who inspire me, and my work as a commercial lifestyle photographer and my photo backdrop store!

I have the pleasure of sharing the vision of brands I love, collaborating with companies on a wide range of campaigns to create content that I believe will genuinely interest our audiences.

My motto is to make the ordinary extraordinary, to capture the little details and to look for the special in a situation. Thank you for visiting – I hope you find something you like.


One last example, Don’t Buy Her Flowers An awesome online shop selling hampers and gift bundles for new mums (what an awesome idea, wish I’d had one of these!) In addition to the online store the founder writes the blog Sisterhood (and all that).


In the blog Sisterhood (and all that), Steph writes about motherhood, men & relationships […] honesty, and laughing (or crying) at the ridiculous things life throws at us; we’re all in this together because none of us really knows what we’re doing

Personally, I’ve been blogging for two years now, it’s a blooming steep learning curve. I’m fortunate to have an formidable gang of bloggers supporting me in the wings, and it’s that support and knowledge that we want to share with you.

This event isn’t focusing on any niche in particular, whether you want to start to write about your travels, personal experiences, your family diaries, eating out reviews or recipes, the list is endless. The skills you’ll learn at this event are transferable skills that you can take away and put to good use; writing about what you love (or hate!)

The event is broken down into 4 hour long workshops, refreshment breaks and lunch* are provided. However, this is the chance to book a half day of you-re pressed for time.

09:30 – arrival and coffee
10:00 – How to start & write a blog workshop – Emma Amoscato, Free From Farmhouse
11:00-11:15 coffee break
11:15 – Social Media workshop – Lucy Bishop, Mrs Bishop’s Bakes and Banter
12:15-13:15 lunch & networking
13:15 Photography workshop – Mel Knibb, Le Coin de Mel
14:15-14:30 coffee break
14:30 Approaching Brands and Making Money – Nathalie Newman, Intolerant Gourmand
15:30 -END-

You’ll be given the chance to complete a form before the event to help us ensure that the workshops meet your needs. In addition to this, you’ll be invited to join the Blogsense Secret Facebook Support Page where you’ll be able to ask further advice from myself and other speakers post event.

Our hope is that you too will build relationships with your fellow workshop attendees creating your very own blogger network supporting one another while each of your blogs blossom.


*full day ticket only


How to find us on the day