I’ve been a lucky lady and Abel & Cole let me try out one of their delicious smoothie boxes this week. How perfect was the timing for this; I explain why later in the post…

The box was delivered on Friday (that’s the delivery day for where I live) It’s like Christmas getting one of these boxes by the back door at madness o’clock in the morning, the driver must have delivered before 7am! Excellent when you think about it given the uncharacteristic British weather we’re having! I brought the box into the kitchen and Lewis and I enjoyed unpacking the colourful treats inside.

Abel & Cole Smoothie Box

I hadn’t realised but you got three recipes to go with the ingredients so I didn’t have to experiment, it was all done for me. Each smoothie was ample for two persons and depending on the smoothie depended on whether I was prepared to share or not, hahaha, no, but really, I’m not kidding…I wasn’t going to share the Plum, Lime & Basil Smoothie!

Abel & Cole Smoothie Recipes

Nectarine, Ginger & Cashew Shake

This was the first of the smoothie recipes that I tried. We been super-dooper busy on the Friday and Saturday so I didn’t have time to think let alone make a smoothie…or so I though. I made this on Sunday morning, it took me 15 minutes to make the smoothie, stage the photograph (what! you staged the photo Rebecca! Well derrr, how many people do you know lie on their bellies in their gardens drinking smoothies!) take the photos and drink the smoothie. Therefore, going back to my previous statement that I didn’t have time, I jolly well did, I just didn’t realise it!

Nectarine Banana & Ginger Smoothie

I really love the creamy ginger flavour in this smoothie, it was the perfect pick-me-up. I said earlier this smoothie box was perfect timing; on the Sunday morning I had a self inflicted headache (cough-cough say no more) so this was the first thing to touch my tummy and it was perfect…in fact, this may be my future go-to drink should I have any other self inflicted headaches!

Plum, Lime & Basil Smoothie

This was my favourite of the three, I had this on the Monday which turned out to be a hectic day for me, loads of deadlines and work to be done on getting Lewis’ school placement sorted for September. Now that I knew how quickly I could whip one of the babies up it was a no brainer so I had a working lunch of smoothie and chomped on one of the remaining nectarines.

Plum Blueberry & Basil Smoothie

Like I said, this was my favourite smoothie, it was a gorgeous colour and lighter than the other two, plus it was a delicious twang to it, I love twangy foods! I also liked the earthiness of the basil, I’ve known people to add basil to cakes in the past and this has inspired me to be a bit more experimental with basil in my cooking.

Strawberry Fields

This was the last smoothie and I had it on the Tuesday, again this was perfect timing, you see now I had a rubbish summer cold (honestly, you should have seen me at Pilates the night before, snot dribbling down my chin during the cat and cow, not pretty!) Anyway, as my head felt like it had been stuffed with cotton wool and eating felt like the last thing I wanted to be doing, this was the prefect midday meal…shame it was green, if you catch my drift, but it was delicious all the same and filled my tummy to keep me going into the evening when I cooked for the brood.

Strawberry Fields Smoothie

This smoothie box would have cost £16.50 but as I mention I got mine free (lucky, lucky me!) I’ve had a look and the smoothies for this week are;

  • Chocolate Banana Peanut Pie
  • Apple, Tahini & Spinach Swirl
  • Fool For Gooseberries

So as you can see you get different smoothie choices each week, the gooseberry one tickles my fancy! Not only can you get smoothie boxes along with the original fruit & veg boxes, you can also get recipe boxes and salad boxes. To check out if Abel & Cole deliver in your area and order a box to suit your needs click here.

I’m getting a fruit & veg box in a weeks time so keep your eyes peeled (groan, nasty pun!) for my meal planner using a family size Abel & Cole box…

Disclaimer; although I got my smoothie box for free, the thoughts and opinions in this post are mine and mine alone.

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