Happy New Year…

Four hours sleep! that’s me right now, sitting downstairs at 8am listening to the family snoring in their various pitches upstairs. Christmas was gathered up and tidied into a corner of the living room at 3am as I tip-toed around the house in defiance that 2016 is now over, dismantling festive decorations as I went.

There’s a moral to this depressing, self-pitying, blurgh of a post so stick around for the ending….

This year has been pants…the most pantiest of pants and at the same time I am very, very aware that I have a hell of a lot to be grateful for. Our health, our families, our home (which as you are probably aware has had a wedge added to it). 

I fell into a trap, I even saw it coming, should’ve quickly knocked up a little bridge or circumnavigated it but noo! Rebecca knew the trap was there and headed straight for it with her head in a bucket of sand! Because every mummy carries a bucket of sand with her! I told myself repeatedly for the past 4-6 weeks that EVERYTHING would be okay by Christmas; the extension would be finished, the in-laws would have been over Boxing Day and it would have been a success, my sister and her family would have celebrated the end of 2016 in our new dining room with a glass of bubbly and hugs all-round.

Do you know, that mental image isn’t half bad, can I cut and paste it into my memory database please and send last night to the recycle bin?

No Rebecca you bloody well can’t….and put that sodding bucket of sand down will you….for heavens sake (tut)

Are you fed up with my ‘woe-is-me’ rambling yet or still intrigued as to what the hecky-thump I’m talking about?

I’m talking about life, it’s my life, it’s the one I got given and the one I’ve forged. Some of it I have control over and a lot of it I don’t. What makes me different to you? Is it the fact that Bethany still has Type 1 Diabetes this (unsporting miserable and grey) New Years Day? Is it the fact that she still has Coeliac Disease? Is it that Lewis will still wake up with Asperger’s this morning and his Anxiety levels will begin to thicken the air to the consistency of custard in this house over the next three days (back to school). Could it be my dairy, egg and potato (to name a few) intolerance’s

Actually no, I’m no different to you at all, that’s why you’re here right? There’s something in your life that brought you here, in fact, where I’ve highlighted words in bold…I bet you can fill each one of them and possibly add more with your own issues?

I have a friend who is fighting the battle of her life against cancer, another whose daughter began 2016 without Type 1 Diabetes and has started 2017 with it. I have a friend whose dad has motor neurons disease whilst she has two daughters with Type 1. I could go on, the list is endless…

Here comes the moral…

As the clocks turned 00:00:01 on 01.01.17 there was no magical slate cleaning, it was just 2016 plus 0.1 of a second. Today, if you’re brave enough to venture onto social media, other than to check your greetings and happy new year messages, you’ll be blasted with posts telling you to eat healthier, become a new you, turn over a leaf, have a life laundry, reach for the stars (nothings gonna stop us now).

Take my advice, back away from the fluffy, image perfect, under 30 life’s a dream super-dooper healthy-troopers. Today is day 14676 of my life, tomorrow is day 14677* Today I plan to make pancakes for the family, shove the pile of decorations up in the attic (attic to be organised tidily around day 14800!) and sit and watch Harry Potter with my family. Tomorrow I plan to go to the shops to get a few essentials, do a spot of baking and visit my sister-in-law to give her her birthday present one day early. 

Whilst doing this I will be mum to a Bethany and Lewis and all that it entails and do what I do to the best of my abilities. If I drop a ball, I’ll pick it up and carry on.

I could set myself a list of ‘must-do-better’s’ but instead I’m going to get on with today, because tomorrow’s tomorrow….so I’m off now day 14676 is ticking, let’s make it an average, normal, okay one.

Happy New Year xxx

*Oh, and if you’re a bit geeky like me and want  to know your age in days click here!