Well the weather certainly has taken a turn this week hasn’t it and I’m sure we’re all feeling hibernation vibes, therefore my theme Autumn Comfort Food  fits in perfect with week 47 of CookBlogShare.

I’m currently sat in a café cuddled up next to a radiator and sipping a soya latter (they had no coconut milk – the shame!) I had to get out of the house because the central heating is on the blink and I’m not sure how to reset it so café it is – well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it..

I’ve been struggling to feed my brood in the past couple of weeks, they’re both teens and with the colder weather have gone into full blown feasting for winter mode. I can’t keep up with them, and neither can the food budget to be frank. Its times like this that make me or break me when it comes to weekly meal prep. Add to that the fact that my two ASD kiddies can be particularly picky and we all know Beth cannot afford to be picky given her diet restrictions already, but picky she is.

I’m hoping my turn to host the CookBlogShare link up has come at just the right time, giving me inspiration for a wider variety of meals that won’t get push around the plate. Crossing fingers toes and eyes that this lip smacking lot of recipes I’ve chosen to share with you do the trick.

As a general foodie group the recipes in CookBlogShare aren’t exclusively gluten free but I’ve chosen four recipes today that scream autumn comfort food to me and I know are easily adaptable. For any recipes that need a tweak I’ve giving tips on ho this can be achieved.

What is #CookBlogShare again?

#CookBlogShare is a weekly link party where foodies share recipes, comment on each other’s cooking creations and generally immerse ourselves in the world of gastronomy!  If you’ve got a recipe this is the place to show it off!

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Ready for some proper Autumn Comfort Food?

Ewa from Cooking with Ewa added her deliciously hearty  Polish Cube Steaks to last weeks link up. The images screamed comfort food to me and I am going to be making this in the coming week. I hope to goodness that my family and more precisely my kids love it because this would add a fresh new recipe to our rather limited weekly meal plan.

A Polish recipe with steak and a traditional sauce - Autumn comfort food

Jenny  from Apply to Face linked her Creamed Spinach which I know for a FACT my two won’t eat but I don’t care and I’m going to be making this all for me. A few tweaks to make it dairy free by swapping out the cheeses and cream for soya garlic cream cheese, soya cream and free from cheddar and the jobs a goodun. Of course if you were making this gluten free only you’d simply need to swap out the breadcrumbs for a gluten free alternative.

Creamed Spinach side dish perfect Autumn Comfort Food

Lou’s Kitchen Corner shared this wonderfully simple Sausage Meat Ragu. This is what comfort food is all about, a bowl of pasta and a rich hearty sauce. The sausages can be replaced by your favourite gluten free sausages and the pasta I’d personally replace with Sainsbury’s gluten free Tagliatelle of their new taste the difference Linguine. It’s 50/50 but I’ve got a good feeling about this being welcomed by my two picky eaters. Another great recipe using sausages that I know my lot will eat is my Sausage Casserole and Sausage Pasta Bake. Can I also say that I aspire to take beautiful shots like this one!

Sausage meat pasta ragu served on a plate

Simply crafting are my final recipe in this Autumn Comfort Food round up. I love the idea that this Budget Batch Tomato Soup is healthy, filling and super-dooper cheap. I’ve calculated the cost after switching the 4 traditional stock cubes for 2 gluten free Knorr stock pots (which I think plenty enough) and the price difference is negligible per serving. Soup can be an excellent meal on a budget and also a great way of cramming all your 5-a-day portions into one meal. I have several soup recipes on my blog in including my Roast Chicken Leftovers Soup and my Curried Parsnip soup as part of my Soups for One Collection

budget tomato soup served in a bowl with bread


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