Avocado mousse…really? Just a quick one really but thought it worth sharing. Inspired by the hilarious and charismatic Joe Wicks aka The Body Coaches recipe for quick and easy Avocado and Chocolate Mousse

I made my version of avocado mousse by simply substituting the dates for figs, why? because I didn’t have dates in my ingredients cupboard at the time but I DID have an avocado that needed using up!


image by Authority Nutrition

Check out Joe’s recipe here and feel free to try my version. It’s a naughty looking treat that’s actually really nutritional – bonus! I’ll be honest and say Yes! you can tell there’s something up when you try this for the first time, the children sniffed it first..big mistake, they neither wanted to try after that but I really like the flavour. The best way to describe it is a rich creamy chocolatey dessert with an earthy taste to it…

image by Every Stock Photo

…next week I’ll be taste testing wines to go with my avocado mousse, something heady with accents of earthworm and mulched leaves (kidding)!

Hey! if you like chocolate puddings though and this healthy version doesn’t tickle your fancy then try these Chocolate Goo Puddings…you won’t be disappointed!