Bethany has become a rather talented writer, illustrator and artist since this website’s creation. I’ve written about life’s little dramas that refer specifically to Bethany or involve her indirectly. Before she was a teen I’d make the informed decision to write about her/my/our journey with each of her diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes and then her Coeliac Disease and now her Autism.

But recently I’ve felt awkward asking her permission to write about her. Two reasons, these are personal issues to her alone and I have no place to share if she’d rather I didn’t and secondly, she’s more than capable of writing these posts herself.

Someone recently suggested to me that Bethany started a journal to help her to process everything she has to deal with. I liked the idea but thought she’d find the act a bit bizarre. Then I had the revelation; why not create a corner of my website just for Bethany.

So here we are – in Beth’s Corner


(ps. Bethany likes cats!)


Beth’s Corner – Autism

Beth’s Corner – Coeliac Disease

Beth’s Corner – Diabetes (Type 1)