What’s this about blogger being a dirty word? ‘Rebecca what are you on about now’ I hear you cry, can you sense a rant coming?

I started my life as a blogger three years ago now, those of you who follow me and know this, bear with, bear with… I left work in May 2015 to focus on my children who both needed me very much not to be at work it was a difficult decision and a terrible time for me. It’s taken three years to create some sort of identity for myself to replace the career woman that I left behind. To begin with the blog (which used to be called You’ve Gotta Larf) was my musing, ranting and outpouring at a time when I felt very alone, very overwhelmed and had a huge amount to get off my chest.

Three years later and I’m now Glutarama, edging my way ever closer to the Foodies100 Top 100 list, a Top 10 Allergy Blogger, and have a mini-sized but very loyal following across social media (and guess what, they’re all real people not robots, grrrr that’s another post maybe?)

Foodies100 Top 100 foodie bloggers

Top 10 Allergy Bloggers

So Rebecca, what’s the deal, why you ranting?

Because as time has gone on I’ve realised something, I’m worth it, yes that’s right, I’m worth being paid for what I do. I never planned for blogging to be a job, it wasn’t a hobby either, in the beginning it was a life line. Now I can spend anything up to 3-5 hours a day working on my blog, the website boring techie stuff behind the scenes, the research, the recipe development, the emails, the social media……

I think I write a good post, I get feedback telling me I write in an easy-to-read style and people appreciate that. My recipes are all pretty darn good and I refuse to post a cake that I bashed out once and may have been sheer fluke that it worked unlike some other posts I’ve seen, grrrrrr off I go again)

Focus Rebecca, what’s the score?

Recent events have led me to believe that some people view the word blogger as a dirty word and that bloggers are soulless money grabbers who don’t deserve to be paid for their ‘so-called’ work in their ‘so-called’ job.

Blogger is not a dirty word!

Erm…excuse me?

How do we know you’re not just saying that just for the money? well unlike you who most likely has a contract at work and has to do things you may not like (it’s normally covered by that last sneaky clause in your contract that says ‘and anything else the manager deems relevant to your job’). A blogger DOESN’T have to write about something if we don’t want to. All my posts are genuine, I only blog about products I like and there was only one occasion where I’d agreed to write a post and the product actually made me poorly…I still wrote the post and explained this in detail but added it might be lovely for others who didn’t have an intolerance…talk about honesty!

It’s not a proper job though is it? What’s a proper job these days, if someone told me 5 years ago we’d likely be having our deliveries made by drone in the next 5-6 years I’d have them sectioned..maybe that’s too strong a reaction..I’d be very British and say ‘Oh wow, really that’s amazing’ and secretly think they need to be sectioned. I have a work diary, I have business cards, I have a work email, I sit at the computer for hours shouting for IT support…oh, I AM the IT support…bugger! I have meetings, events, phone calls, monthly plans, production days…oh and I eat my lunch at the computer too. Any of this sounding familiar at all?

Yeah but it’s not work you should get paid for? HELLO! didn’t you just read the above? Bloggers are saving businesses a fortune, I repeat A FORTUNE in marketing budgets. Yet when we want to write a review for a company that we truly respect and a product that we enjoy and trust we get paid peanuts or nothing at all.

But what about all the freebies you get? Okay we do get freebies, some bloggers get substantially more than others but if your boss turned round to you and said ‘we’ve had a restructure and rethink regarding pay and pensions, from this month forward we’ll be paying you in gluten free bread and protein bars and your pension contribution will now be matched with vegan falafel mixes to the value of 4%, but don’t worry, you’ll get a bonus each year of the latest smoothie mixer’….I think you’d be pretty peed off right?

Bloggers is not a dirty word

Okay, I get it, but whats with all the #ad #paid #spon #gifted mentions? Why shove it down our necks all the time? Because if we didn’t we’d be shot at dawn. I may have exaggerated again. The deal with hashtags and ‘paid’ Facebook posts is that we have to mention if we’re working with a brand (even if it’s a freebie) because if we didn’t Facebook could delete our page, Instagram would react really badly and either do the same or ban us from showing up on people’s feeds and Twitter and Pinterest can get grouchy too if we don’t play by the rules. It makes me feel dirty every time I click the branded tag on Facebook before I post, but why the hell is that? I’m bring open and honest surely?

For the record, this year I have made £300 as it started out a difficult year and January to April didn’t really happen for me… I was in  little cocoon and thank goodness had a few recipe posts stored up to give the impression I was still functioning as a human. The past two months have been me trying to focus on my website’s SEO…look it up if you’re interested, it’s geeky stuff. Finally I’ve been working with the Allergy and Free From Show to support exhibitors over the three days in London so that’s taken up a lot of my time too.

So if you were in the ‘bloody blogger with their greedy blogs camp then hopefully I’ve enlightened you a little to what goes on back stage.

Feel free to comment below…but if you leave a really nasty comment I’ll delete it…Cummon, there has to be perks right?