Well it has been a while since I did a Glutarama Bumper FreeFrom Giveaway here on the blog, and to be totally honest with you this delicious haul has been on the top of my wardrobe for weeks now! The ‘drama’ in Glutarama has been in full swing over the past few days, weeks, months! But that’s another post..or not, I’ve not decided? For now lets just get on with the FREEBIES shall we!

Bumper Free From Giveaway with Glutarama worth over £50
This collection of giveaway goodies is worth over £50 and is a selection of all the little and large things I love, can’t live without and would really like you to try. It’s self-explanatory what each of the products are so I won’t bore you with the ‘ohh, look at this box of bread mix’ in the style of an online shopping channel but I will expand on a couple of items and why they’re great for the Glutarama household.

The rice cakes are a great post school snack for Beth because they’re filling enough to see her through to dinner but they can be either a low carb or high carb snack depending on the topping we add. If she’s low it’s honey or jam and if she’s high its butter or cheese spread.

igluu Storage Containers - Glutarama Bumper Free From Giveaway


The Igluu containers are a real winner in our house. For those of you not familiar with our family, Lewis has Asperger’s and can be very particular about his dinners and we get phases where all he wants to eat is spaghetti bolognaise or chilli for lunch and dinner. Having these containers means that I can batch cook these meals and have them on hand in the freezer or fridge. I normally have one side chilli and the other rice and one side Spaghetti Bolognese with the pasta mixed in and the other side garlic bread. This has saved many a melt down on those ‘not so good’ days I can tell you!

All of these items have been purchased or gathered by myself in order that I can gift them to you in my Glutarama Bumper FreeFrom Giveaway, these are just a few things I love and would like to share with one lucky winner. I’ve listed all the contents here…photographing giveaway hampers as big as this do not photograph well, I’m just starting to get my head around producing quality photos and this was not my finest moment!

10x Igluu Food Containers <> 3x Snackettes 30g <> Cook Italian Green Pea Pasta 250g <> Delicious Alchemy Brown Bread Mix 340g <> Schar Deli Style Sourdough 240g <> Bakels Multiseed Mix 300g <> Sweet Freedom Orange Choc Shot 320g <> Asda Chocolate Brownie Mix 284g <> Asda Rice Cakes 100g <> Asda Gingerbread Men 150g <> Orgran Rice Noodles 375g <> Orgran Egg Replacer <> Paccheri Pasta Tubes 250g <> Manadiva Foccacchia Mix 419g <> 50x Gluten Free Stickers

I just want to give Coeliac Sanctuary a shout out here, I love the idea of Alison’s little stickers that you can add to cupboard items or lunch boxes to indicate they are Gluten Free. I’ve purchased 2 packets of mixed colours to add to the hamper.

Please note, the wicker basket is not included in the giveaway, it just made everything look prettier than shoving it in a box! To apply follow the instruction below and the more boxes you tick the more entries you be given increasing your chance to win

Free From Giveaway worth over £50