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You’re looking for quick, simple and easy vegan recipes? Lucky you, I happen to have some of those right here, and of course these are gluten free (goes without saying).

Now a little disclaimer here, we are not a vegan family. My daughter Bethany could easily be vegetarian as she hates the texture of meat and I personally cannot have eggs or dairy as I react to these in very undesirable ways. Therefore I decided to go back and make many of my bakes vegan too.

So if you’re here because of Veganuary, if you’re a flexitarian, vegan, intolerant or allergic – welcome and I hope you love my recipes as much as I’ve loved creating them for you.

Here at Glutarama we’re not just about recipes, it’s what goes on behind the scenes that counts too. Our behind the scenes includes; Type 1 Diabetes, Coeliac Disease, Autism and lots more in the way of life’s little drama’s.


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I’m Rebecca, full time mum, social media editor and blogger. On my site you will find my free from recipes, reviews and the odd drama.

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 …life’s a drama, gluten free doesn’t have to be…

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