As you may have noticed by now I do go on a bit about a couple of gluten free companies that I am very fond of. Delicious Alchemy is one of them, in fact, Delicious Alchemy was the first company I warmed to when I started out on my journey as Glutarama back in 2015. I’ve watched their social media rocket in that time and their products have doubled in choice. During this time I have used pretty much all of their mixes and found them to be so versatile that I couldn’t help but work a bit of my Glutarama magic. Before me I had a Oaty Cookie Mix but my mind was exploding with endless possibilities in fact, if you type Delicious Alchemy into the search on this website you’ll find 15 recipes 13 of which I’ve worked some alchemist magic on.

This got me thinking, wouldn’t it be lovely for more people to try these mixes and have a go at some of my magical recipes. Then I though some more….you see we’re having an extension at the moment (it’s awful, they’ve just broken through and I’m already stressing at  the mess and disruption!) what on earth has that got to do with Delicious Alchemy I hear you ask? I’m running dangerously low on storage and it breaks my heart to see these mixes not being used.

Still not with me? Well I’ve been stocking up on DA products for a while making good use of the 25% off promotion and hadn’t realised just how counterproductive this was given my impending storage crisis…soooo, I’m going to give some of my stash away.

What’s the catch I hear you say? Quite frankly there isn’t one, I just ask that you do a couple of things in return;

Number One: search my site and comment below mentioning which of my recipes you’d be most likely to recreate using a Delicious Alchemy Mix

Number Two: If you haven’t already, like or follow me on either Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram or all four if you wish. The more the merrier!

Number Three: There is no number three, that’s it.

T&C’s – To enter you need to be a UK resident and over 18. The competition will run until November 30th and the winner will be pick from the list of names at random in the comments below. The winner will be asked to send their postal address to my email This competition runs independently from Delicious Alchemy, it’s my idea, prizes have been paid for by me. I’m set to gain more storage space and hopefully Glutarama gets a few more followers in the process!