I can barely hear myself think. I’m sat here in the living room surrounded by sounds from Lewis playing on the XBox, Brett cutting floor tiles with a grinder in the next room and and the plasters mixing cement outside the window to screed the extension floor to make it all one level. These are happy sounds, sounds that mean that the extension is not far from being finished and Christmas won’t be celebrated in the confines of our living room with a microwave! [keep reading…I do get to the Pumpkin Pie honest!]

I had planned to run a vlog to document the extension and the rise of Glutarama’s new kitchen like a phoenix from the ashes…in all honesty I seriously underestimated just how low I would end up feeling during the whole process. Having said that, we’ve had our fair share of additional drama’s in the last three months.

Lewis’ transition from lower to middle school did not go at all according to plan and he has been let down in more ways than one by the so called professionals handling his case. It’s been utterly soul destroying, both he and I have been practically under house arrest following a string of exclusions following his meltdowns in school so we’ve both had to endure the building works without having the luxury of going out for the day to escape the madness. There is good news though, Lewis started at a special school this week, he’ll be there until February while his school buck their ideas up and put in the support that Lewis should have had from the start. In the meantime, Lewis gets to learn in a soothing, relaxed environment, without excessive stimulus and more importantly he gets lots of cuddles with Aero, the Chocolate Labrador who’s trained to work with children with additional needs.

Whats this got to do with Pumpkin Pie….absolutely nothing, but the fact is that keeping up-to-date with my blog these past few weeks has been difficult, you’d think that being house bound would give me plenty of time to keep things ship-shape but Lewis can be very unpredictable and I need to to be hypervigilant, then when the kiddies are in bed I’m too exhausted. I made this delicious pie at the end of October and used a new pastry mix made by Naturbit which I totally love and despite pumpkin frenzy having died down I felt I simply must tell you about this amazing discovery.

Naturbit have an array of baking basics that I've never heard of before, their mixes seem quite unique and I'm excited to try the pastry mix as a batter for vegan, gluten free pancakes. I have made a Pumpkin Pie using the pastry mix...it's 5 Stars from me but the reviews still in my head so again, be patient.

Naturbit have an array of baking basics that I’ve never heard of before, their mixes seem quite unique and I’m excited to try the pastry mix as a batter for vegan, gluten free pancakes.

To make the pastry simply follow the instructions on the back of the MIMEN Pastry Mix packet, I popped mine in the fridge for just over an hour. The smell of the chickpeas was very strong whilst combining the ingredients and this worried me that the taste of the end result would be overly strong in flavour, but trust me, the pastry at the end is gorgeous.

[taken from the Naturbit website] Biscuits or pie-dough: 250 g MIMEN Pastry Mix, 50 g sugar (I use honey, pure maple syrup or agave syrup instead), 12.5 g vanilla paste, 100 g butter or vegetable spread (I use coconut oil), 25 ml water, 1 tsp lemon juice (optional). Cooking method: Mix all the ingredients into a dough. If it’s too hot the dough might be sticky, so allow it to cool for an hour or so in the fridge.

To make the filling I’ve used my favourite Mrs Beeton recipe for Pumpkin Pie I still shouldn’t have egg whites and in fact this pie did make me a wee bit bloated but it was worth it, nobody comes between me and my pumpkin pie!

400g sieved pumpkin (I used one of my stock pile in the freezer, but tinned works too)
3 eggs
2tbsp brandy
1tsp cinnamon
1tsp ginger
1tsp ground nutmeg
200g caster sugar


The pastry mix was perfect, as you can see by the base there was no soggy bottoms to be found here. The pie cut beautifully and the pastry was just the right level of sweetness for my liking. Those of you with a sharp eye will have realised that the pie crust disappeared, this is due to the fact that the crust caramelised a bit too much in during the baking process and I trimmed the edges. Not that it was an issue, in retrospect it probably would have been too much crust.

I’ve yet to try this pastry mix as a pancake batter but am super excited at the prospect of having pancakes along with the rest of the family…just a soon as my kitchen is finished that is!

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