Remember visiting the seaside on a cold day, braving the seafront in your mac-in-a-pack and twenty layers of clothing to keep out the bracing coastal wind, remember the smell of the fresh doughnut stand and the tempting looking hot chocolate in the polystyrene cups. Remember sitting in a huddle on a bench with your hands warming on the bag of hot doughnuts covered in sugar and cinnamon and finally remember how utterly divine they taste and how they magically warm you through?….

Bethany doesn’t, she’s never had the pleasure (if freezing half to death on a seafront eating hot doughnuts can be called a pleasure) but somehow it IS a pleasure. This blog is about my new discovery made by Foodamentalists and how I can honestly say that Beth has NOW tasted a doughnut equal to the seaside doughnut…without the climatic experiences…of course I could always sit her in front of a fan next to the open freezer door and spray her with a salt water solution but I think she’d pass….Heston Blumenthal we are not!

Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free Doughnut Mix


I found Foodamentalists via the Foods You Can website, there’s a treasure trove of goodies to be found on there along with the Intolerance Test Kits that I did myself back in July…and boy am I glad and I did! More about that can be read here in my Diary of an Intolerant Mum [opens new window]

Anyway! Back to the delicious doughnuts. These are so simple to make the dough, it’s not unlike making a biscuit dough, you cut out the circles, I used a 7cm round cutter and then used a 2cm cutter to make the hole. Ooh, and for the record, I used Coconut Collaborative’s yogurt to make these doughnut, not sure if it made a difference to the taste, but they certainly tasted delicious.

The tricky bit is to get the oil to the right temperature. The first doughnut looked a little worse for wear! I even popped one of the ‘holes’ into the bubbling fat to test the temperature, however, being a smaller piece of dough it didn’t take as long to fry. Once you’ve got the frying temperature right it’s full steam ahead. I had a tray covered with paper towel on standby to soak up as much of the fat as possible. Metal tongs are a must for this process.

Instructions of How To Mix (taken from Foods You Can website)

You will also need 100g yoghurt or soya yoghurt and 20g of oil

Firstly combine yoghurt and oil in a large bowl. Mix well and add the content of your mix packet to the contents in the bowl.

Mix on medium speed until fully mixed, let your batter rest for around 15 mins, turn your dough onto a well floured surface, roll your dough thick, using pastry cutter the cut ring doughnuts.

Fry your doughnuts in 2 to 3 inches of very hot oil (temp around 190 degrees) until they are brown on one side. Turn your doughnuts over and brown on second side, when your doughnuts are still warm toss in sugar and cinnamon and serve warm.

Find more of The Foodamentalists range on our home baking section, including Perfect Tortilla Mix on the Foods you Can website.

And here they are…It’s a HUGE photo but it seemed only fitting to show off the doughnut in all it’s glory, super light and fluffy in the centre with a crispy coating, and cinnamon sugar is an absolute must for that authentic taste. I didn’t count how many we made, they were disappearing off the tray as soon as they were cool enough to touch but I’d say you’d comfortably get 14-16 out of the mix if you stuck to the cutter sizes.


So there you have it, my thoughts on Foodamentalists Doughnut Mix. I bought this mix myself out of sheer curiosity, I’ve not been paid to write this review and the thoughts are my own honest opinion of the product.