I have a confession…we scoffed these gluten free stuffing balls before I remembered to take a baked version photo! The trouble is these smelled so delicious the second I’d added the hot water that we were all chomping at the bit to devour them.


Delicious Alchemy secret squirrelled me a pack of this mix prior to them officially coming out. I love secrets, and I’m very good at keeping them so this made making these all the more fun. Super simple to make all you need is a bowl, 60ml of oil (I used sunflour) 260ml boiling water and a fork to stir it with and fluff it up!




Like I mentioned above, the smell of stuffing travelled around the house while I waited 3 minutes for the crumb mixture to plump up to it’s full potential and then I dived in and rolled bite size balls, the packet said 10 but I comfortably made 12. The oven was already on so I popped the little beauties in for 25 minutes and bingo, delicious gluten free stuffing balls for Sunday dinner.


You’ll have to take my word for it when I say that these baked beautifully, had a golden brown tint to them and had a lovely crust whilst still soft in the middle. This mix would work equally as well served at the table in an small oven proof dish and if you’re not dairy free too you could easily add butter in place of oil.

Recipe Idea

Next time I use this mix I’m going to take individual chicken breasts (skin on) and stuff them with the stuffing and cranberry sauce then wrap them in bacon..too much?…I don’t think so!