Thank goodness for the NEW FreeFrom products reaching our local supermarkets! more about that in a moment…

Did you know that pate has milk in it? Yes! Oh, I didn’t! I made a boob this week in the fact that I bought some pate knowing it was okay for Bethany and assumed it was okay for me. I had this two days on the trot (erm, bad choice of words maybe) slathered on rice cakes for my lunch. The interesting thing is that my tummy didn’t swell. Is this progress? I’m not sure, but by the end of that day my tummy sounded like there was a rave going on inside it, it was highly amusing to the rest of the family. The following day guess what? I had pate on rice cakes for lunch. Okay, okay, I’m being less adventurous this week but I’m still feeling the after affects of the elephant from last fortnight.

Anyhoo, the point being I had pate again, and again that evening my tummy rumbled and squelched away. That was when I checked the ingredients, sure enough milk was there. It knocked me for six, not only had my tummy entertained the family but I was now feeling shattered and spent two days fighting midday naps. I didn’t let this get me down though and still dragged myself to aqua-size twice, plus Pilates and a 4 mile walk with my mum and sister. I just compensated with very early nights instead!

On the plus side this last week has been oozing with positive vibes from both schools, Beth and Lewis seem more settled and measures put in place as a result of our meetings with staff are working (fingers tightly crossed). Plus, lets not forget Sainsbury’s being amazingly super fantastic and introducing more FreeFrom range in their chilled department!

Sainsbury's NEW FreeFrom Range

You may need a magnifying glass to see this but rest assured there are numerous quiche, cheeses, pies, tarts, yogurts, pastas and fresh pizzas here. There’s also pork pie, sausage rolls, lasagnas and a spinach and ricotta cannelloni! My eyes popped out of my head when I saw the shelves. Not all of it is okay for me to eat at this time, but there was some fresh pasta made with chickpea flour which I’ve eaten with a tomato stir in sauce, sadly I craved cheese so much that I ignored the ingredients on the FreeFrom Grated Style Cheese (it may have had a wee bit of soya, potato and corn in it!) I suffered for that straight after the dinner and had a swollen tummy and could have attempted burping the alphabet.

It was McMillan’s Coffee Morning this week and I promised this children I would bake for them, plus my sister made a request for the school she worked in too to ensure that any freefrom kiddies could have a choice just like anyone else. I made Cupcakes, Marshmallow Squares and Flapjacks, the latter were overlooked when I photographed the others but you’ve seen a flapjack before right? The Marshmallow squares came to my rescue (more about that in a minute) over the weekend.

Free from: dairy, gluten, soya, nuts

Free from: dairy, gluten, egg, soya, nuts

Free From: dairy, gluten, egg, soya, nuts

Free From: dairy, gluten, egg, soya, nuts

Bethany and Lewis’ birthdays are 10 days apart, this worked a treat when they were younger with joint birthday parties! Not so easy to do that now! There was no way I was going to be able to improve on last years cake for Lewis, it was Bob the Minion, it took 5 hours to bake and decorated as a surprise whilst he was at school. This year I opted for a less stressful cake design but know that Lewis would love it. Bethany had some thing a little more elegant she is 12 after all, and that’s almost a teenage don’t you know!



Both cakes were dairyfree and I could have made the buttercream dairy free too…of course the 10 eggs used to make the total amount of layers necessary for the design was pushing my intolerance levels to the max so rather than inflate to the size of a hot air balloon I opted for a marshmallow square (or three, they’re incredibly moorish you know!)

I guess this week has left me feeling a little deflated (very much unlike my tummy) I’ve been a bit naughty when it comes to ignoring ingredients I should be avoiding and had less motivation to cook for myself. Week Six I hope to do better.