If you follow my blog you’ll know that these double Chocolate Cookies are not the only beautifully satisfying bakes I’m made using Foodamentalists mixes. I’ve also made their delicious vegan and gluten free doughnuts and their gluten free tortilla mix (I actually made my version vegan too using chia eggs).

Foodamentalist Chocolate Cookie Mix - Giveaway


The chaps at Foodamentalists kindly offered me a whole heap of goodies recently for my final giveaway to celebrate the month of my blogaversary, that’s right, Glutarama is now two years old! There was a cheeky extra packet of mix and I thought it rude now to give it a go so here you have the Chocolate Cookies Mix made to perfection…I make that sound like I had something to do with it…really the mix is so, so simple to make your cat could make it…I don’t have a cat but you get the point!

Chocolate Cookies Mix - Foodamentalists Giveaway

These delicious Chocolate Cookies were super rich in chocolate taste, and if you cook them just right (stick the the timings on the packet) they are chewy too. I tell you what they reminded me of…Millie’s Cookies! I used to go to the Millies Cookies Stand in Milton Keynes with my two before Beth was diagnosed (my goodness that was a few years ago now! they were still in buggies!) and a HUGE Millies cookies was a treat for them..it kept them quiet for ages! Well, the consistency of these Chocolate Cookies reminded me of that…add some huge chunks of dairy free chocolate and you’ll achieve the melted gooey surprise in the cookie too!

The prize has been broken down into two goodie boxes,

Foodamentalist Chocolate Cookie Mix - Giveaway

Foodamentalist Chocolate Cookie Mix - Giveaway

That”s enough of that, onto the Giveaway, to enter yourself for the chance to win one of these prizes, all you need to do is comment in the comments box at the bottom of this post and click in the Gleam Giveaway box to say you’ve done so…for other additional entries to improve your chances of winning simply follow the social media links and give me a like or follow, I’d really appreciate it and it would be lovely if you stuck around to follow me and my family in our Glutarama adventures; just because Life’s a drama, gluten free doesn’t have to be…

Glutarama’s Foodamentalists Giveaway

Foodamentalist giveaway, Chocolate Cookies mix

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