This was my and Bethany’s first Free From Festival and my goodness we were not disappointed! Okay, so I got lost getting to Old Spitalfields Market but London does strange things to my internal Sat Nav. Good thing is, as we sat in Costa sipping a soya latte for me and caramel latte for Beth…yes! my 12 year old has a taste for latte’s already…can that be counted as child abuse? not sure, I digress, moving on…as we sat in Costa good ole Google Maps told me not to panic and the old market was just a stones throw over a terrace of houses!


Thankful we got to the Free From Festival relatively early in the day and only queued for 5 or so minutes. Entry was well organised and we were greeted with the choice of a gluten free beer or a Rebel Kitchen Matcha Green Tea..which, if I’m honest, looks bloody awful but tastes gorgeous. Beth didn’t fancy hers so I had one yesterday and this baby is going to be gone by the time I’ve finished typing this up!

Rebel Kitchen Matcha Green Tea from Free From Festival

Beth and I were rather spoilt for choice when it came to testing all the delicious products [not a great event to attend with nut and other allergies, but I’m sure those with allergies are more than aware of these types of events and cross contamination] To be fair, I wished I’d bought more in the way of goodies, the event prices were very reasonable but pennies were tight after getting to the event on the train from Bedford and ensuring I had enough left over for feeding both of us.

Shameless ‘give me freebies’ request! if you want to send me some of your products to try and then blog about then feel free to contact me, I’m always happy to help promote lesser spotted brands…and the not so lesser spotted brands too!

shameless request finished!….

I did however buy two brands that intrigued me, the first was a brand that claims to be low in carbohydrate, great for those on a diabetic diet. Of course, Beth is Type 1, therefore she is insulin dependant and we bolus her the correct amount of insulin to cover any carbohydrates plus I’ve never been one to restricted her diet in any way (I know only too well how damaging food limitation and taboos can be). Besides, Beth NEEDS carbohydrate to prevent hypos but, that said, low carb snacks are always welcome at the right times so were going to give the TReat bun and flatbread mix products a go.

16 Free From Food Festiva, 2017 - Spitalfields Market, London


The other two products we bought were from 123 Gluten Free.  Beth liked the idea of the Pound Cake and I may have accidentally on purpose bought an electrical waffle maker after realising my waffle iron wouldn’t work on my new induction hob…seemed to make perfect sense to give the waffle mix a go!

For lunch we happily queued for a taste of the authentic Venezuelan street food known as ‘Arepa’ made by Arepas & Cachapas Beth opted for the beef and I had the chicken with black beans – delicious!
9 Free From Food Festival, 2017 - Spitalfields Market, London
We sat and listen to a few of the inspirational speakers invited to talk on the day and whilst I was stuffed from my gorgeous street food, Beth could feel herself slipping into a hypo so what could be more delicious than a free from waffle and ice cream for her pudding made by the awesome Yorica who are TOTALLY FREE FROM…kind of gutted I didn’t have room now, the dairy free ice cream looked delicious…although I have to say no to bubblegum flavour (Beth’s go-to choice of flavour every time!)

Thank you to the organisers, the event ran smoothly and we loved our very first Free From Festival … we can’t wait for next years 2018 event!

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