Well goodness me, what a busy week we’ve had yet I’m still bursting with excitement about the Free From Festival at Old Spitalfields Market on Bank Holiday Monday. Bethany and I visited last year and pretty much ate our body weight in samples and hot market foods. Before heading to this years market we seized the rare opportunity to grab a selfie in a cafe whilst waiting for Le Coin de Mel to join us with her daughter ‘Jumpy’.

It’s always such a pleasure to see Bethany surrounded by stalls and stalls of foods that she can eat safely. This year was no exception, but with my dairy, egg and potato intolerance’s it could have proven awkward…at least you’d think so. I was in vegan heaven just as much as Bethany was in a gluten free haven. Even the Green Sisters were able to feed me at lunch time with potato free samosa’s and courgette bhaji’s. I even got to try their sweet apple and cinnamon samosas – pure eye rolling bliss!

Old Spitalfields Market; Free From Festival 2018 Bank Holiday Monday Green Sisters Samosas

I’ll admit to being gutted that Yorica were not at the Free From Festival this year, I had quite fancied one of their vegan waffles and ice cream. Booja-Booja had an ice cream van but Bethany announced that their ice creams were ‘too fancy’ as if that were such a thing! Instead Bethany tucked into a chestnut flour waffle from Waffleland whilst I devoured my samosas!

Other stands that grabbed our attention were Jake’s Boost with their award winning nut butters, and I have to say the Tiger Boost Snack Pots are mouthwatering so thank you Mel for buying me one too, I loved it the next day whilst I got on with some boring blogging admin.

Old Spitalfields Market; Free From Festival 2018 Bank Holiday Monday Jakes Boost

I came home with an amazing bag of goodies this year to sample and enjoy with the family, not all have been convinced by some of the products, take these vegetable crisps, I offered them to hubby and Bethany and got screwed up noses. Well all I can say to that is ha-ha, your loss. They are delicious and for someone who misses her crisps these are a welcome savoury snack so well done Emily Crisps.

Finally I cannot leave this post without telling you about the vegan cheese I spied, tried and bought. I am Nut Okay (yes, that’s their name) make vegan cheese from cashew nuts and have three flavour truckles for you to buy; Paprika, Italian Herb and Activated Charcoal. All of which are amazing, I miss cheese, oh boy do I miss it. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of lovely vegan cheeses out there but I miss strong, smelly cheese that makes your tastebuds jump to attention. These cheeses do exactly that then serve with Katerina’s Pantry Savoury Flaxseed rounds and you’re winning!


So well done to the organisers of this years Free From Festival, Bethany and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, ate like queens and brought home some delicious new foods. Many of which I’m now a fan and will be sure to buy again. Can’t wait for next year.

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