I love to share the love and when it comes to other bloggers linkies I think it's important to share. Others may not realise the hard work that goes into hosting a linky, not just to set it up and post on time each week/fortnight/month but to follow up each linked blog post. As I say it's about sharing the love and linky hosts love to share.

I've changed the way I link to other linkies in 2018. In an attempt to create cleaner, more mobile friendly posts I've added worded links to bloggers pages. However, a little twinge of discomfort has pecked away at my conscience ever since, you see, a blogger with a linky will have gone to the effort of creating a linky badge and I wanted to honour that so I've created this page as a wall of linky badges like a gallery.

If you think your linky would fit in here then drop me an email or comment below and I'll I'll check your linky out, I expect this wall of bloggers to grow!

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