For goodness sake, this post is about My Top 10 Recipes, it should be easy to write, hell, I could just add a load of links to each image and go tah-dah! my top 10 recipes …see ya!

It’s the …and special moments that’s the reason for me staring at my bright laptop screen these past few, what has it been, minutes? Oh no, Rebecca it’s been nearly an hour, AN HOUR! Urgh!

It’s not that I don’t have anything to write, it just that when I do start to type my special moments I’m going to get all slushy and do a Gwyneth Paltrow and blub;

…Well, maybe not quite like Gwyneth bless her! It’s just that anyone who reads Glutarama will know life for us is a bit of a roller coaster (understatement) and Glutarama originally started out as a piece of therapy for me to offload my thoughts and feelings. Once I’d rekindled my passion for baking, things just naturally carved its path into what Glutarama has become today.

Here goes (I’ll be brief)

I’d like to thank my mum and dad for bringing me into this world….kidding! Ah, well not kidding, I quite like being here!

Ahem…I’ve made some of the most awesome friends thanks to Glutarama, people who truly understand me and I them, I love them all and thank my lucky stars we’ve met one another. I’ve been to places I’d never thought I go to, I’ve been to the allergy awards in Manchester, I’ve driven miles on my own to get to the Blog On conference (this is a biggy for me), I’ve met for tea with bloggers and I’ve even been indoor skydiving with them. Every little step I take with this blog makes me stronger, happier, more confident and gives me a sense of purpose in a chaotic life.

What’s next? Oh wouldn’t you like to know! I have so, so many exciting things in store that I could burst. Actually, while I think of it thank YOU! Thank YOU for stopping by and reading, some of you are avid regulars now and I love your support it means so much to me. I hope I keep writing things you want to read and baking things you want to eat!

So, soppy stuff done (don’t think that was too bad was it?) Here are my top 10 recipes, not necessarily the most popular with thousands of hits like others but these were little triumphs for me;

My Top 10 Recipes

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