Glutarama have a Bake Off…

Cabin fever strikes, kids are literally glued to the TV playing on the XBox 360, I may need to call the fire brigade to free them!

Oh no! my mistake, their noses HAVE to touch the screen for them to see the game better … Light Bulb.

‘How about we have a bake off kids’?

THAT got their attention. My two love the Great British Bake Off (Wednesdays BBC1 19:00-20:00) We’re on Week 3 tonight where Bread is the theme – dum, dum, duuum! Now I’m confident to say that cakes, I can do cakes me. Bread, not so good. So I pitched myself against my 10yr old daughter Bethany. My thinking, I’m bound to beat a 10yr old surely?

We used Doves Farm Strong White GF Flour and dutifully followed the method on the packet;


Then Bethany got half and I got half. I went with traditional mini loaf, bun with seeds and Bethany went all Heston Blumenthal and added maple syrup, seeds dried fruit and painted with maple syrup to finish!

We proved them for an hour and preheated the oven as directed then we baked for 20-25 mins … Beth’s came out after 20 as they were browning well due to the sugar content.

Bake off


Then it was Lewis’ time to shine, he took the role of ‘Paul Hollywood’ very seriously indeed and tried them all twice. Every bake won a rosette but then the bomb – Bethany’s actually was the best over all, he just didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Not a jot son, I’ll do better next time.

Gluten Free Bread Bake Off

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If I’m totally honest, I’d use less oil next time maybe 4tblsp.

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