Okay, hands up, this Carrot & Parsnip Spiced Cake is not one of my gluten free concoctions but it was soooo delicious that I simply couldn’t let it pass you by, I have literally savoured every bite of this cake, and growled a bit at my husband for daring to want a slice too! The kids don’t do veg in cake, I’m not going to fret about it, one day they’ll come to their senses, in the meantime, it’s all mine I tell you, all mine!

The recipe credit goes to Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne’s Genius Gluten-Free Cookbook which is normally RRP £14.99 I stumbled across the recipe via Twitter one day and I’m glad I did, normally these fleeting images of deliciousness get favourited or pinned on Pinterest with every good intention that I’ll return back to it when I have a spare moment. I’m sure you’ll be familiar with this situation and agree that these spare moments never seem to materialise. Given the fact that this happened to be a roaring success, I may rethink my to-do-list on Pinterest and make it a have-done-list!


I made it all to recipe...apart from the nuts, I added almonds instead of pecans which tasted absolutely perfect to me. Oh yes, and I didn't have raisins, so I added sultanas. There was excess topping when I had finished, probably about 4-5tbsps worth, I kind of wish I'd added it all now as it really made the cake special. Again (because I find it absolutely impossible to stick to any recipe) I grated orange zest to decorate the top instead of the almonds (pecans) because to be frank...I couldn't be bothered to toast the almonds as adding un-toasted almonds would have looked bland and wishy-washy.

The reveal, the finished product: Carrot & Parsnip Spiced Cake

Apart from that, I made it exactly to the recipe which you can now try the best Carrot & Parsnip cake I've ever tasted for yourself by following this link HERE

Carrot & Parsnip Spiced Cake: Gluten Free

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Carrot & Parsnip Gluten Free Cake using Genius Recipe

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