Update: Mummy Bakes GF is now called Lottie’s Bakehouse same delicious gluten free goodies ( and a few more added) but lovely new name.

Here’s another one of those lovely cyber family members I was telling you about in a previous post. I’m knocked over by the kindness of people wanting to help and when we were offered the opportunity to try out some of Mummy Bakes Gluten Free Scones I said yes with delight.

I’ve really put these scones through an unintentional rigorous test, you see Beth had the lurgy on Tuesday and she passed it onto me, yesterday (Thursday) was a total non-day for me and I’m utterly bushed today. Hold on a minute though, my tummy can handle a scone and oh boy! I’m glad I did!
Mummy Bakes GF Scone Selection
The scones arrived yesterday 1st class in a lovely presentation box; 2x Cherry, 2x Sultana and 2x Plain. They’d been baked the previous day. With my bottom lip in full pout I watched the family choose their favourites. Hubby chose a sultana scone, Beth chose a cherry scone…Lewis…Lewis had a carrot! Not a scone fan I’m afraid. I just about managed to photograph the scones before my family did their impressions of the cookie monster and made sure that a sultana scone was hidden away for me for the next day (I was determined this was going to be one of those 24hr bugs)

Mummy Bakes GF

This is why I really put these scones to the test, they were now on their third day if you counted the day they were baked. I tore the scone in half (I’ve mentioned this is the past but that’s the traditional way to do it and if a gluten free scone can tear and stay intact then that’s step one passed!). Now my half scone was buttered, jammed and dolloped with cream, I crossed my fingers and took a bite….

Mummy Bakes GF Review

…Well done Mummy Bakes! I’m very impressed. each bite had a spongy bounce to it, the scone was moist and best of all, it tasted just like a ‘normal’ scone. I promised I’d be honest, and I’m trying to think of a criticism to sit on the fence, but I can’t. Even the cost is reasonable when you factor in the time, ingredients and considerable postage that Mummy Bakes has to take into account.

I’ve added the link to Mummy Bakes website and you’ll find you can order these fabulous scones as well as Biscotti, Biscuits, Tray Bakes and Loaf Cakes. Mummy Bakes is also on Twitter @mummybakesGF

Kettles boiled! I’m off to have the second half of my scone now!