I’ve been on the blogging scene for  a little over a year now, it’s been an amazing journey and I’ve been able to write about recipes I’ve created, foods we’ve bought, places we’ve eaten and day-to-day life of all that makes us Glutarama.

During the past 12 plus months I’ve made some wonderful virtual relationships with gluten free companies that I have grown to love and trust. In these cases I have been offered products for free to test, experiment with and share with the family and you, the reader.

The brands below are ones that I have or plan to try and test. If they don’t make the cut, they don’t stay on this page.

If you are a brand (you think you’ve got what it takes to appear below) and you’d like to discuss a review, ambassadorship or collaboration of some kind, or if you’d like to contact me to discuss freelance work then feel free to contact me here rebecca@glutarama.com or leave a comment below.


Delicious Alchemy


My love of Delicious Alchemy’s products began after I won Star Baker of the week during their #GFMBO Bake Off in 2015. I received a box of goodies for my prize and I was instantly in love with their products. They are SO versatile, I have an issue (call it an aversion to following the rules) when it comes to baking. I really have to restrain myself from veering from a recipes ingredients of methods…Delicious Alchemy Mixes are a perfect fit for me and if you type Delicious Alchemy into the search box above in the header you’ll see exactly why. I won’t spoil the surprise – enjoy!

We’re here to make a gluten free diet interesting and varied. It’s why we’re always working hard to bring you new things. But only when we’re 100% satisfied they are right. And yummy.

Rana's Bakery

Now I’m super excited about this new blossoming relationship. I responded to a call out for brand reps for totally selfish reasons here: I CAN’T MAKE BREAD. It really bugs me that despite my valiant efforts I’ve not been able to bake anything less than a paper weight or something that can be used in the Shot Put. Rana’s Artisan Bread makes a persuasive statement about their mixes and I intend to prove them right!

We make amazing Artisan Sourdough Gluten Free bread mixes and baked bread. Our mixes produce a range of sourdough breads, crackers and pizza bases that taste as good as gluten containing bread, if not better!! Not only that but they are incredibly easy to make at home, just add water, mix, bake and enjoy!!

So watch this space, because I’m optimistically confident that you will soon have your mouth watering at the bready bakes that I remove triumphantly from my oven…