The lovely alchemists and Delicious Alchemy sent me a box of seasonal gluten free goodies a while ago to test and review. Of course I couldn’t resist but tweak things a bit and add a dash of Glutarama to the recipes! However, I did stick to this gingerbread recipe as I wanted to see what the gingerbread was like without me doing anything fancy to it, I’m glad I behaved myself and kept to the recipe!

Making the dough ~ The instructions are simple to follow and I decided to make mine dairy free too and so I used 40g of Pure. I have a confession to make at this point. If you read my blogs and background you’ll know that sometimes I have to abandon baking to support my children. This was one such occasion and after making the gingerbread dough I didn’t get the chance to actually make the biscuits until 2 days later. That’s one heck of a long time to wait for gingerbread…however, the good news is that the dough behaved itself in the fridge for that length of time and spices like ginger don’t mind being kept waiting, in fact they get better with age (unlike little ole me!) 

I wanted to be different when it came to the actual shape of the biscuits and had the idea to make Christmas baubles instead, I bought some diddy bottles recently to help with my cake and biscuit decorating and this was their first outing, in fact if you’ve been looking for something similar then click on this link or the link at the bottom of the page and it’ll whisk you off to to Amazon, there’s no extra cost to you but if you did decide to buy them Glutarama gets a few pennies to help us along the way.

Mini decorating bottles

 I used a 7cm round cutter and a straw to cut out the little hole for the ribbon/string to thread through. I made 3 of each design so that was 18 baubles in total, I’d be making a rough estimate that you should comfortably make 10 little gingerbread characters but obviously cutter sizes vary greatly.

The fun bit ~ To decorate I simply edged each biscuit in a different colour and allowed this ‘frame’ to dry whilst I moved onto the next, by the time all biscuits were framed I went back and filled in each base colour but this time I added the pattern immediately so that the base icing didn’t have time to dry, if this did happen the pattern would crackle the icing.

To get the pattern effect simply draw colour lines from left to right and using a cocktail stick drag through the lines from top to bottom for one design and for a more intricate design drag one line top to bottom and the next line bottom to top. I hope that’s not clear as mud!




 What about the taste? they taste delicious. It says on the advertising that this mix packs a fiery kick and yes-it-does! I made these biscuits quite thick to be strong enough to be made into a decoration so I cooked for an extra 3-5 mins. The end result is not a teeth breaking gingerbread but a softer biscuit. That said, it would still hold up to being made into a gingerbread house if you felt ambitious enough. These biscuits lasted approximately 30 minutes in our house, we stuck the kettle on, sat down with a cuppa (you MUST drink tea with gingerbread, it’s the law!) and polished off the plate…all four of us so it’s four 10’s from the Glutarama household.

As mentioned this review was about products that were sent to Glutarama for free in exchange for a fair and honest opinion. My thoughts are my own and believe me, I’m always honest.