That’s a bold statement right there; ‘best gluten free crusty bread ever’. I had better back that up with some evidence hadn’t I? Well since you’re here then allow me to tell you…

I’m wracking my brain trying to think back to how Andrea or Grassroots Bakery and I got virtually meet one another, I cannot for the life of me remember how it started now, all I remember was baking her white and brown bread mixes and being blown away by the quality of them. The bread was crusty…CRUSTY. There are few gluten free breads (other examples fail me at this particular point in time) that can honestly deliver a crusty exterior with a soft fluffy bread centre. I make my mixes egg free too and despite this the texture is still delicious and meets all my expectations in home baked bread. Actually scrap that last bit; it exceeds my expectations because I’m crappy at making my own bread.


Andrea forms one half of the Grassroots Bakery team and her passion for delicious free from bread that delivers all that it promises has been the fire in her belly for the business to grow. The attention to detail even down to the packaging and presentation screams pride in what she believes, and rightly so, to be the best gluten free crusty bread mixes on the market.

Our vision at Grassroots Bakery is for anyone who had an allergy or intolerance to gluten, dairy or preservatives to be able to enjoy staple foods without any compromise on taste or texture.

I don’t believe Gluten free food has to taste different. There are enough gluten free flours available to make a blend that gives the correct texture as well as taste and appearance.

Don’t just take my or Andrea’s word for it, there are awards to back us up.

Grassroots Bakery; best gluten free crusty bread – Ever!

image courtesy of Grassroots Bakery

Our bread and pizza mix won a star in the Great Taste 2018 and our white bread won Silver in free from best pantry at the 2018 Free From Food Awards

Grassroots Bakery; best gluten free crusty bread – Ever!

Image courtesy of Free From Food Awards website

I’ve used Grassroots Bakery bread mixes to accompany previous recipes such as my 5 Free From Simple Soups For One as you can see in the image, these bread mixes are versatile and make lovely rolls as well as baguettes and loaves, and I’ve made all the different types you can imagine with these mixes.

Simple Soups for One; gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegan - Roast Parsnip Soup


I’m thrilled to tell you that, for a limited time, you can scoop up the best gluten free crusty bread mixes ever and add them all to to the basket with this Bundle Box for the reduced price of £15 with free P&P and a free pouch of dairy free organic hot chocolate (all the yums) But woah there! You also get the Grassroots award winning Pizza Mix plus chocolate and plain muffin mixes too; all for £15 bonkers right?

Grassroots Bakery; best gluten free crusty bread – Ever!

image courtesy of Grassroots Bakery

Oh, oh… I’ve also made the muffins in the past but you’ll have to excuse the images (cringe) I’ve improved a little since these were shot last year but you get the idea.

Now would be a jolly good time my friend to try for yourself and see if you agree with me that these are in fact the best gluten free crusty bread mixes you’ve ever tried…

… Oh, almost forgot!

Grassroots have just added their Luxury Gift Box to the online shop too

Grassroots Bakery; best gluten free crusty bread – Ever!

image courtesy of Grassroots Bakery

So I’m thinking it’s not long before Christmas and if you’re looking for inspiration then here you are, not one but two gift ideas…you’re welcome (cheeky grin). And who says bundle boxes are just for Christmas (no one actually Rebecca, that’s just weird), Okay, my point being that I enjoy Grassroots mixes and particularly the white and brown bread mixes all year round so grab them now while this super offer lasts (ends 31st December 2018)

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Okay, so Andrea did pay me for my time, 1min 39sec videos and blog posts don’t miraculously appear you know, they take time…about 5-6hours over three days to be precise…but as many friends and family know, I’ve loved and supported Grassroots for a very long time now BECAUSE I love the product, so as always my opinions are my own.

I’ve started using affiliate codes on my website again (needs must). If you click on any of the links in the post and make a purchase my family will benefit from a small % of that purchase at no extra cost to you.