Lucky little me got to go to London last week as part of the kids love pesto (#kidslovepesto) campaign created by Saclà. I rarely get to go to these press style events, you know, life and stuff gets in the way, but this was going to be a lovely event for lots of reasons. Firstly I got to eat some pretty darn delicious food and the staff at Cafe Murano were absolutely brilliant at catering for me with my dairy and egg intolerance. My gorgeous friend and fellow blogger Reneé, who you’ll probably already know at Mummy Tries,  follows a paleo diet and she too was blown away by the effort they put into making her dishes individually. So here’s a shout out to Cafe Murano who can cater for everyone, just call ahead to discuss.

Kids love pesto with Sacla

The second reason was because I got to meet so many familiar faces in the blogging world and have a catch up and giggle and I finally got to meet others in person. Some of these bloggers I’ve known for well over a year and am in communication with them constantly but finally we got to meet and hug in person.  Thirdly, I got to eat pesto! I love pesto it’s a life saver in our household. Well okay it doesn’t save lives but it makes mine much easier I can tell you. My lot love to have gluten free tagliatelli with tomato and mascarpone sauce and for a while I was going without but then I found that sundried tomato pesto with a bit of soya cream or milk added to it works wonders on a twist of pasta. It’s also a quick and simple savoury snack when I make the kids ‘pizza toast’ which is literally just toast with pesto and cheese and other toppings if we’re feeling fancy and then returned to the grill to melt the cheese. Hey-presto Pizza Toast!

Anyway, back to the event. We were greeted with Prosecco and treated to Cichetti on arrival all of which was or looked delicious (not all were dairy free). Now here’s the thing; I had taken my camera and planned to get lots of lovely images of the food on offer and venue but these things don’t always pan out that way. By this I mean I was eating and talking a lot, I mean A LOT and the camera just got in the way. So I make a mild apology for the images to follow, they were taken on my phone and poorly lit but hey you get the idea?

Starter: Bruchetta and San Marzano Tomato

After we had settled into our seats Managing Director Clare Blampied introduced us to the concept behind #kidslovepesto and talked about her passion for pesto. The guests were also introduced to Rachel Allen, Celebrity Chef who has written Recipes from My Mother and Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen  to name but a few. Rachel has recently added 5 extra recipes to the Saclà recipe book La Famiglia; The Family Book of Pesto, oh! and keep reading because this is one of the prizes in my giveaway.

Rachel Allen; created and written 5 new recipes for Sacla (image courtesy of VIP Magazine)

Clare went on to talk about the products we were going to be eating tonight and teased us with the fact that a NEW flavour pesto will be out in the next month or so (I can’t imagine what it could be, you’d think they’ve covered all bases now?)

Kids love pesto with Sacla

Dairy Free Pesto Trofie Pasta with pine nuts

Now I couldn’t have the same main course as everyone else because it had dairy in it but I took a photo anyway, this was made with the Firey Chilli Pesto and from the reaction of my fellow diners it got the thumbs up all round. I still got to enjoy my pasta which also had a kick to it and was made with what I affectionately call unicorn horn pasta, I’m reliably informed it’s actually called Trofie but I much prefer my title.

Kids love pesto with Sacla

Firey Chilli Pesto

Now the bit you’ve been waiting for; the goodies! The items below were all in my goody bag at the end of the evening. Well, I say all of the items, you know me I do love a giveaway and as I couldn’t eat the two pesto’s in the bag I thought maybe the potential winner would be in the same boat so I’ve added two Free From Pesto’s from the range. You also get a history of Italy coming to England and Saclá’s latest recipe book (rrp £7.99). So good luck lovely readers, this giveaway will run for 2 weeks and as always the more entries you tick off, the better the chance of winning.

kids love pesto Sacla event and giveaway

Sacla Pesto

Disclaimer: I do not see email addresses of all entrants, only the winner who is chosen by a clever robot at random. The majority of this giveaway prize was gifted to me by Saclá. Saclá are not involved in this giveaway, it’s just little old me giving stuff away again.

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