As #coeliacukawarenessweek winds up for another year I thought I’d squeeze in this review for these monthly subscription boxes Life Box Classic partnered with UOpen.

Gifted Disclaimer: I approached UOpen to find out if they supplied gluten free subscription/gift boxes and was pleased to find that they do a few versions supplied by different small businesses. With this in mind I agreed to review one of the boxes which was kindly gifted to me.

Uopen Subscription Boxes and the different types of box available

So who is UOpen?

I can’t believe I’ve not come across UOpen before now really, it’s a bit of a hidden gem, but hopefully with posts like this and a bit of social media magic love they’ll become increasingly more recognised.

UOpen subscription boxes are a collection of over 150 UK small businesses that love to source, make, grow whatever it takes to create a subscription box to suit your lifestyle, dietary needs, or gift to a loved one. Those of you who know me by now, know I LOVE to shout out small businesses and UOpen is an awesome platform to do just that and showcase pretty much all of this subscription box market goods in one place. It also means you can be a subscriber to a few boxes at once and control it all from one place.

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Obviously I asked for a gluten free box and originally I was going to get a gluten free baking box, but life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to so instead I was gifted this vegan and gluten free box. However, due to recent changes to food labelling laws Life Box have added the note that although all products have no gluten containing ingredients, they cannot guarantee all products to be suitable for a Coeliac diet due to the manufacturing processes for some of the products. Further down the post I indicate which products were in fact safe for my daughter…keep reading, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Uopen Subscription Boxes including NuCao vegan chocolate, Willy's Apple Cider and The Natural Deodorant Company

Okay Rebecca, tell us what was in your Life Box Classic?

Ooh, thought you’d never ask!

When I got my delivery I was actually surprised at how big it was, the size of a shoe box, I had in mind that it would be one of those letterbox boxes. Mr Postman would have had a job getting this through the door I can tell you! I did a quick Instagram Video, I say quick, it was 7.5mins long as there was a lot to look through in the box. If you’re interested I’ve dropped the link below so you can watch me making a wally out of myself when I talk about Maca Powder and Mushroom Coffee (which incidentally I now realise does not taste of mushroom at all!)

The image below is the little card I had in the parcel to tell me the contents of this month’s box, plus there was a little booklet with recipe ideas to use some of the snacks included in the box, a bit of info on the person behind the recipes and the charity that Life Box supports. The love and passion that goes into these boxes is like a warm fuzzy hug, I do hope that’s coming across as I type this.


As this is a monthly subscription box there’s plenty to keep you going for four weeks if you treat the box as a little pick-me-up, a little daily gift to yourself. Take the chai tea selection box for example; a tasty tea infusion for whenever takes your fancy. The bounce energy ball pretty much disappeared within minutes of me opening the box. In my defence Bethany wouldn’t eat this type of snack so I didn’t have to feel guilty about that delicious morsel. What I hadn’t expected was the little pot of natural deodorant, I’ve made my own version in the past and although I know this works, I wasn’t pleased with the smell. This one is a lovely fragrance and the perfect size for my handbag, or even better Beth’s school bag for a little midday freshen up.

As promised I’ve been through the box and determined which items are gluten free and which are may contains due to potential cross contaminants. This wasn’t just a back of pack reading exercise, this was me searching on the internet and looking at each site individually. It cost me money, because I ended up buying some products from the brands directly (*sighs and shakes head in a mocking manner – well at least I’m living by my motto and supporting small businesses!) these are my findings;

Gluten FreeContains Gluten
Aqua Libra Infused Sparkling Water

Bounce Protein Energy Ball

Conscious Chocolate Orange & Tangerine Bar

Deliciously Ella Muesli Pot

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Natural Deodorant Company Deodorant Balm

Navitas Goji Berries

Navitas Maca Powder

Nourish by Naomi Superfood Blend

Nu Cao Chocolate Bar

Satisfied Snacks “Roughs” Beetroot & Walnut

Turmeric Latte Mix

Vahdam Tea Variety Pack

Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar

Ells Kitchen Granola


Unfortunately the Ells Kitchen Granola that was added to the box not the gluten free version, but there IS a gluten free version available according to the Ells Kitchen website.

Ells Kitchen Vegan Granola

A quick peek at other free from subscription boxes registered with UOpen!

Going back to what a said before about managing all your subscription boxes in one place, look at these other free from boxes you can chose from. This is just a small selection but as I’ve mentioned there are so many categories to choose from. Why not interchange them; free from baking box one month, vegan and gluten free snack box the next, hell, why not mix it up a bit and go for a Perkulatte Coffee Subscription Box or a Tipple Box with a selection of Gin and Tonics…I told you they had everything!


UOpen Free From Subscription Boxes

I’m off to nibble on a chocolate bar for breakfast with a tasty chai tea….think I’ll go for the Cardamom Spiced Chai this morning.


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Uopen Subscription Boxes, featuring Life Box Classic Vegan & Gluten Free box

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If you’ve only just happened across my blog Glutarama, then you may also be interested to know this is not the main topic I write about, the majority of my posts relate to free from recipes and food reviews, as our family are affected by Coeliac Disease, egg, dairy other intolerances it keeps me busy in the kitchen, but boy do I have fun experimenting for my family and followers.

Rebecca x