Disclaimer: this post was written a week ago, in fact before half term! don’t judge me! It’s been … interesting in the Glutarama household recently. ‘Normal’ business has resumed so posting now!

Not a strictly gluten free post today, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of weeks now. Another freefrom blogger that I follow (The Adventures of an Allergy Mummy) has been posting Little Loves posts each week, it’s a lovely idea to look back on your week and celebrate the things you’ve loved about it. #LittleLoves is Morgana’s creation and she writes over on her blog Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat. In all honesty I’ve meant to do this for a couple of weeks now, there’s a tell-tale sign in one of the photos this was not all this week, see if you can spot it! It’s now 4:08am on Sunday as I type this, this is how I find time sometimes to write! It’s been a long old week and I’m blooming glad it’s half term, but with one celebration comes another problem, keeping the kids amused, in February, with very different needs! Enough of that Rebecca, this is positive time….


I rarely get the chance to read…proper books that is, I’m reading Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone to Lewis at the moment in a feeble attempt to calm him down at bedtimes. It doesn’t have quite the desired effect but at least we get to spend some quieter time together. I’ve also started a book that a friend gave me as a present before Christmas, it was a little gift to cheer me up and what I’ve read so far has definitely given me a giggle. Five Go Gluten Free is still written in the wonderful style of Enid Blyton (I read all of her books as a child) but it is totally tongue in cheek and I’ve belly laughed at some bits, definitely worth a read if your life is freefrom and you have a sense of humour! (notice the huge bottle of Gaviscon and aromatherapy bottles, I kid you not, that is what’s on the side of my bed, how to stay calm, alert and happy, with minimal tummy issues hahaha)


Last Saturday we went to the cinema to watch Lego Batman, it was BRILLIANT, the whole family laughed out loud for the entire film, I’m still giggling about it now every time I recall a bit from the film, even if you’re not a parent I strongly recommend watching this film it’s Five Stars


I was 22 years old when this came out, I don’t have any particular memories attached to it, Brett and I had been together for 6 years and we’d moved into our first home together. I just know I was in a really good place when it came out because ever since then, every time I hear this it lifts me. It is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE song, don’t get me wrong there are other amazing songs out  there that evoke great emotions, but this one wins hands down because it makes me smile, inwards and outwards. Last week, Heart FM played this on the radio whilst I was in the car after the school run…perfect timing, I needed it.

Music video by New Radicals performing You Get What You Give. (C) 1998 Geffen Records

You may have noticed that this week has been about pancakes quite a bit, I’ve joined forces with a wonderful group of bloggers and our goal this month is to encourage anyone shy of free from cooking to make their own #freefrompancakes, below is my contribution but to see the others simply search the hashtag #freefrompancakes or check out my Facebook or Pinterest pages where I have a board dedicated to pancakes!


(just look at that maple syrup drip…took me ages to get that shot!)


I’m all about scarves me, it’s a sad day when the weather becomes too hot to wear a scarf, I’ve spent may a time being (gently) picked fun of at the school gates by mummy friends who cannot believe I’m wearing a scarf (or woolies for that matter of fact) when it’s 20 degrees outside! In all honesty I think it’s a comfort blanket for me and I feel over-exposed without one. So who cares I say! besides, I wouldn’t have such a lovely collection if I didn’t wear them would I! These two ‘new’ scarves were bought from Emmaus local to me. They each cost £1 and when I bought them I was with Bethany for a cheeky little girls only shopping trip, Beth was in her element and spent some of her Christmas money on some second hand jewellery and books. Then we enjoyed a piece of gluten free cake and a ginormous pot of tea. So these two scarves now have a happy memory attached to them too.


This last little loves is for all the friends I’ve caught up with over the past couple of weeks. I’ve not been able to offer friends a cuppa in recent months what with the extension and Christmas but now that things are settled and my kitchen is all shiny and new I’ve been enjoying having friends over for a cuppa and a catch up. You all know who you are; thank you for being there for me, listening and sharing time over a drink and good old home baking.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat