So Rebecca why are you writing about a Lumie Bodyclock? I’m glad you asked. When was the last time you woke up fresh as a daisy? Is that even possible? I don’t seem to recall a time when I woke up feeling recharged and refreshed, every day seems to be the same, the alarm goes off on my mobile at 6:00am and I snooze it at 10 minute intervals until about 6:40.

Why I do this every day is beyond me. I have good intentions to actually get up each day at 6:00am and spend a good hour getting things in order for the day and have a bit of peace and quiet. All before the inevitable chaos pre-school taxi pick up for Lewis and having to drop Bethany off at her school.

I’ve been researching SAD lamps for a while now. I’m convinced I suffer with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and was told by a good friend that I might want to consider a bodyclock to start with and that her Lumie Bodyclock was making a huge difference to her morning routine. The thing is, I’m convinced that a Lumie Bodyclock was not just benefit me but it would benefit my husband and two children too.

Lumie Bodyclock; ideal Father's Day present for 2018. Also perfect to help treat depression and support other family members with sleep issues

Those of you who follow our family’s escapades on Glutarama will know that Bethany has both Type 1 Diabetes and Coeliac Disease. The former can often have a detrimental effect on her sleep pattern due to treating late night hypo’s or hyper’s and there’s also the occasions when Beth suffers terribly with restless legs and cannot sleep. All of this has a knock on effect with her sleep and leads to difficulty waking up the next day.

Lewis’s autism means that he struggles to switch off at night and settle into a healthy sleep pattern and although I’m lucky that he doesn’t get up in the night his Fitbit tells us that he has numerous waking moment during the night. All this broken sleep activity leads to a very, VERY grumpy Lewis in the mornings and, despite trying all sorts of tricks and tips, waking up gently each morning is challenging to say the least.

Then you have my husband whose developed an appalling sleep pattern over the 25 years we’ve been together (that’s right, 25 years, we married when I was 5years old – just kidding!) He’s supposed to get up at 6:00am each day but is more than happy to have me snooze my alarm.

Lumie Bodyclock

So that leads me to the title of this blog post, when Lumie approached me and asked if I’d like to review a Bodyclock in time for Father’s Day I fell over myself in excitement and completely selfishly thought WOOHOO I’m getting a Lumie Bodyclock! By the way, this particular clock is the Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 and costs £59.99 (no longer sold but other models can be found here)

Come on, you’ve got to give me credit for being totally honest here; it’s even on my side of the bed (chuckles to self). To be fair there’s a good reason for this, quite simply my husband cannot be trusted to have an alarm clock on his side of the bed, he’s turned them off before which has led to all sorts of disasters so sorry Brett, that ship has sailed, your alarm clock license has been rescinded!

Enough chitter-chatter Rebecca, what’s the clock like?

Well again, I’m glad you asked. The clock is bloody amazing!

Each night when I go to bed I press a button to activate the dawn setting and at 5:30am the bodyclock light switches on to a gentle glow, this glow gradually brightens to mimic the dawn coming and by 6:00 the light is up to full strength i.e. daylight. I’ve chosen to have my Bodyclock then bleep at me to ensure I am awake but you can have this setting off if you trust your body to have woken naturally.

Lumie Bodyclock; ideal Father's Day present for 2018. Also perfect to help treat depression and support other family members with sleep issues

But here’s the thing, before now I’d hear my mobile alarm go off and would wake up startled and fumble around my bedside table to locate the snooze button but now I open my eyes as if I’d just closed them to rest them and that’s it, I’m awake. How very clever is that?

There’s a sciency bit if you’re interested as to why this happens;

Many people have to get up earlier than they’d like – to commute, start shift work or to train – and find it a struggle to get going. Teenagers often languish in bed because they stayed up late. Some people would simply say they are ‘not a morning person’. Whatever the reason, many of us do not feel awake in the mornings. We manage, but we are not at our best, and often become fatigued later in the day.

Finding it hard to get up is often a biological problem, where the systems in our brain that control our sleep have got out of sync. This creates sleep inertia, the inability to feel alert and perform when we first awake.

Studies show that bright light can have positive effects in treating patients who are depressed, even if they do not have SAD. Major depression sufferers treated with blue-white bright light therapy showed reduced depression scores, better sleep and waking and general mood. Their levels of melatonin (the hormone needed for sleep) and cortisol (one that promotes activity) shifted to be more in line with healthy sleep/wake patterns.

(text taken from

So there you have it, frankly I now need one each for the family as I’m convinced this will make a huge difference to our daily routines. Okay so it won’t make the kids skip out the door singing ‘the sun has got it’s hat on’ with smiles on their faces looking forward to school (sigh, that would be lovely). However, it’s most certainly going to make sure we all wake up in a better frame of mind and not four startled human beings avoiding one another each morning after a rude awakening.


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Happy Father’s Day Brett – hope you love your Lumie Bodyclock as much as I do!

Disclaimer: As I’ve made clear in the post, Lumie gifted me this Bodyclock but I’d already done my research and had planned to get one anyway. All thoughts and opinions are my own, it’s my way or the highway.