Dairy, egg and gluten free Ginger Biscuit Mix by Lotties Bakery

I was making some biscuits from my cookery book Back to Biscuits, the other day and mentioned in a tweet that it was a shame I’d not worked on an egg free version (my book was written with Bethany in mind, not me) Marianne Evans from Lotties Bakery commented on how her Ginger Biscuit Mixes are free from egg , dairy, soya, nuts, gluten, wheat. So of course I thought, ‘well I’d better get a packet from myself then’! Now you may be thinking ‘Marianne Evan’s, isn’t she Mummy Bakes?’ and you’d be right! Marianne has just rebranded her business and you can read more about why here in the Knutsford Guardian

Mummy Bakes Ginger Biscuit Mix and Sweet Almond Pasty Mix

Marianne is so lovely to me and when my mix arrived she’d also snuck in a packet of her almond sweet pastry mix, watch this space to see what I do with that little beauty!

The biscuits were so simple to make and ready to bake in under 10 minutes. All I needed to add was golden syrup and dairy free butter, the butter was rubbed into the mix and then adding the syrup brought to the crumb mixture together into an easy to work with dough. I divided the mixture into 17, don’t ask why I did an odd number, it bothers me too! To be fair if you divided the mixture into 14 you’d get a lovely size biscuit and easily manage to bake in two batches of 7 as these do not spread on the baking sheet. 


Simply roll each portion into a ball and press down onto the baking sheet until its approximately 8-10mm thick. As mentioned these biscuits will not spread, instead they rise a little.

I baked my biscuits in a fan oven for the temperature recommended for 15 minutes, the results were beautifully rich golden ginger biscuits with a crunchy outer, slightly soft centre. I imagine if I had baked for the maximum 18 minutes suggested then the biscuit would have been crunchy throughout.

These were an instant success with the whole family, and as long as you store them in a tin they’ll last up to a week…if they last that long! Of course the great thing about gingerbread is that the flavour deepens as it gets older. So if you can bear to hold on to the last couple you’ll get a super delicious biscuit with a serious ginger kick to it….always best with a lovely cup of tea in my opinion.


This post is my own opinion, as mentioned I bought the Ginger Biscuit Mix and was so impressed I felt it needed reviewing.

Did you know, I wrote a book on free from biscuits?

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