I’m going to start by saying that Neveo approached me to see if I’d like to trial their product. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that Glutarama isn’t all about free from recipes, it’s about life’s rich tapestry of drama, events, fun and feuds. If you DO follow me you’ll also know that I lost my darling Grandpa at the end of September, his gentle caring wife; my Gran is heart broken.

THAT is why Neveo came to me at the prefect time, I don’t believe in coincidence, it was meant to be.

Gran has her good and bad days as her dementia takes hold and now more than ever it’s important for her to enjoy the good bits life offers us. If I can add to that by journaling our families photos each month, with a little description to help name people and jog memories, then both Gran and I get to smile about it.

So Rebecca, how does it work?

Well, I’m glad you asked…ahem, clears throat;

With Neveo, you have two options of how to upload pictures, the on-the-go options is to download the app onto your phone (both iPhone and Android apps are available), that’s great but I prefer the PC version for adding the descriptions and so have a bookmark to Neveo in my tabs. The app version isn’t difficult to use, far from it…it’s my fat fingers that annoy me so I’d rather type lengthy descriptions on the keyboard. Lewis says I make the sound of a machine gun when I type, I pound the keyboard violently! I digress, as usual!

Another feature I really like is that you can add other family members to your account; they just need to accept your invite. Then each participant can add photos for the month to the count of 50 or 100 depending on your budget.

Here’s a cute graphic to explain what happens to your photos…this bit is lovely, you’ll see.



So in my Grans case, my two sisters and parents can all add photos of events, things the grandchildren get up to, doggy pictures (Gran loves the dogs) and at the end of each month the photos and descriptions are collated into a newspaper-style journal for Gran to read through and enjoy at her leisure. There are three font size options for the visually impaired and plenty of room for a full description or a quick note about the photo.

Another nice touch was that I got emails every step of the way as the album was being produced; this is really handy to keep you up-do-date and keep a track of when it’s likely to be delivered so you can give the recipient a heads up if this is necessary.

I thought I knew what to expect when the album arrived but I was genuinely chuffed to bits about how good the final product looked; really professional and printed in excellent quality, and I’m a stickler when it comes to layout and presentation.

Neveo Family Photo Album

Sufficed to say Gran was thrilled to bits when she got the album, sadly I wasn’t there to see her initial reaction but my mum was there and she was able to relay back to me how much the album had meant to Gran and the look on her face as she looked through all the photos.

Neveo Family Photo Album

Gran will now receive a monthly journal for the next 12 months, including this December 1st edition.

To say I’m feeling pretty darn pleased with myself right now is an understatement, well, I say pleased with myself, it’s Neveo that did all the hard work, I’m just reaping the benefits in the fact that it made my darling Gran laugh and smile, which made my heart leap.

Are you ready for this… Neveo have kindly offered one of my readers the chance to win a year’s subscription to Neveo (normal total value for year £119). This includes 50 photos per month for 12 months; simply add your photos and Neveo will do the rest. They even post worldwide at no extra cost so even better for families that live miles and countries apart.

I am genuinely excited for the winner about this; it’s a lovely prize and makes me feel all warm and squidgy inside. To enter follow the instructions below, the more you do, the more entries you’ll get.

Good luck everyone x

Neveo Giveaway

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disclaimer: as clearly stated first thing in the post, I was approached by Neveo to try their product out and give my honest opinion and I have been paid for my time and my darling Gran will now get a journal every day in 2019. You know me by now, if I don’t like something, I won’t write about it full stop or if I feel it necessary, I’ll still write but point out the con’s in my post…transparent as glass me!