At last! A free from recipe book with simple to source ingredients so anyone can make and enjoy them!

A selection of 35 Family Favourites made Gluten Free, from the classic Bourbon biscuit to the blast from the past Wagon Wheel, this simple to follow recipe book aims to fill your biscuit barrel with the treats you crave and can no longer have.

Each of the recipes have the gluten free basics anyone on a restricted diet would tend to stock or easily obtain, plus, for those not in the UK I’ve blended a combination of naturally gluten free flours so you too can get the same delicious results.

“An excellent addition to any kitchen, the recipes are clear and easy to follow with good pictures and I found the little anecdotes to accompany the recipes good fun. Just bought two extra ones for Christmas presents.”

“Lots of lovely gluten free treats to bake and other useful information for free from living.”

If you’d rather an alternative version of this book you can click for the kindle version or the paperback version

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35 Family Favourites