Kids safely delivered to schools. Morning chores out of the way. Copious amounts of photos edited and downloaded onto website dashboard….mmmm, I’m hungry! What a perfect opportunity to make Rana’s Ingenious Flatbreads for a scrummy brunch.

Having made Rana’s bread before (see Rana’s Bold Buchwheat Bread Review), I knew how easy it would be to whip these up while getting on with a few more admin bits n pieces for my website.

How to make dough

It’s incredible how simple this stage is; pout contents into bowl, add 180ml warm water, mix to combine, leave for 5mins, beat furiously for 1min….erm, that’s it!

Shaping the dough

This bit can be as fiddly or as simple as you want it to be, for those less fussy than me you can simply blob a quarter of your dough onto a square of baking paper and using a wet spatula smooth the bread out to 5mm thick without worrying about the edges.

On the otherhand, you could do what I do and have a bowl of water handy to keep dipping your spatula into, tease the bread to 5mm thickness and then gently pat the sides with the edge of the spatula to smooth any little cracks and keep an even thickness.

Either way, it takes no time at all and the next stage is having a cuppa for 30mins while your flatbreads prove.


TIP: I wet a clean teatowel and heated it in the microwave for 30seconds, then placed this ontop of the breads to leave them to prove – worked a treat!

Cooking the breads

Once again, this stage is simple, just make sure you don’t wander off or start to daydream…you don’t want these little beauties to catch now do you?

Once the 30mins proving is up, your ready to cook, just place one flatbread at a time, dough down in the pan with the baking paper still attached. Cook for 5-6mins on a moderate heat.

The baking paper conveniently begins to balloon when your flatbread is ready to be turned, this makes removal of the paper so much easier. Once the paper has been removed you can flip the bread and repeat cooking on the other side for 5-6mins

Repeat this 4 times, transferring each cooked flatbread to a cooling rack.

I served my first batch with houmous and caramelised red onion chutney … uttely gorgeous, I felt very posh and fulfilled!

A simple but irresistible serving suggestion